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    Living in DC ain’t cheap. If you want to get as close as you can get without going broke, these are the most affordable places to live near DC.

    You don’t have to be a politician to choose to live in Washington DC. In fact, it seems Washington DC continues to grow in popularity.

    What makes this capital city so popular? 

    A long list of things, politics is in there somewhere but very near the top is most likely jobs. Yes, Washington DC is where you want to be for high paying jobs. This is the main driver for Washington’s population increase, as more and more people migrate across the country for better work prospects. 

    The median house price in Washington DC is $581,200. That is not as expensive as California where the median house price exceeds $1 million.

    What about renting and living in DC?

    It is the fifth most expensive city for renting in the U.S. So you couldn’t describe Washington DC as cheap but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford to live there. So where are the affordable places to live near DC? Here are 7 to get you thinking.

    1. Hillcrest

    Affordable Places Near DC - Hillcrest - Jakes Moving

    This is in the Southeast part of the city. The metro runs straight through Hillcrest so it is ideal for commuting. 

    Hillcrest is hilly, hence the name. This area has a very nice feel about it as it enjoys many green areas and has plenty of parks. You may also find the colonial style buildings very charming with their red bricks.

    The average rent in this neighborhood is about $1200 that is 43% lower than the average rent in Washington as a whole.

    2. Benning

    If you are thinking about affordable places to live in DC maybe you have heard of Benning. This is surely one of the cheapest areas to live in the city. It is located in the northeast part of the city.

    It is a very pleasant place to live with Fort Mahan Park in the area as well as plenty of choice for shopping and eating out in nice restaurants. 

    The average rent in this neighborhood is about $1100. That is a bargain compared to the average across the entire city. If you are getting ready to pack check out this top article with tips on packing here.

    3. Deanwood

    If you like the sound of green spaces and tree-lined roads, this is a great place to live. It is one of the cities oldest northeastern neighborhoods. It has great access to the city via the Metro Orange line.

    The lower density of people and higher density of trees plus the cute brick houses give this neighborhood a small town feel. The great thing about living here is that it is one of the cheapest areas in the city with an average rent very similar to Benning at about $1100.

    4. Congress Heights

    If you didn’t know Washington it would be easy to think this place sounds expensive. To get here you have to head to the Southeastern part of the city.

    This place has a lot of history and has seen a lot of change. Once again it is well served by public transport. This is a friendly neighborhood and you will see plenty of people out running, walking their dogs or playing tennis at the local center.

    Another advantage of this area is that there is plenty of on-street parking if you have a vehicle. The average rent here is about $1200.

    5. Fort Dupont

    When you are in the southeast of the city you might want to take a look at this neighborhood. It is named after the famous Fort Dupont Park and is another area with a rich history. In particular, it is famed for its association with the civil war.

    The park has a recreational forest which is a delight to spend time exercising, bird watching, walking or just relaxing. There are 10,000 acres of trails that you can follow. Perhaps the best bit though is that the average rent is about $1200.

    6. Marshall Heights

    Marshall Heights near DC affordable - Jakes Moving

    This area started off as a sort of shantytown occupied by African Americans. Of course, since then it has developed to a great extent. The Queen of England graced the area with her presence in the early 1990s.

    It has been an area that is slower to develop than others but its proximity in the city and its lower cost still makes it a very attractive option. You can expect the average rent here at about $1100.

    7.  Brentwood

    You have to head back up to the northeast to get here. It is about 5 or 6 miles from the center of the city so you will need to make a commute for about 40 minutes to an hour depending on where you want to go.

    The good news is that it is ranked by some as one of the safest places in Maryland. That combined with an average rent of about $1400 makes this a great place to live.

    If you are thinking it is still winter and now is not the time to move then check out this great article here about everything you need to know about moving in the winter.

    Affordable Places to Live near DC – Lets Go

    Thanks to this article you know now where the affordable places to live near DC are. Next question is how are you going to move all your things?

    What you need is a professional and reliable company that you can trust. Get in touch here for a quote. You will also find loads of other helpful articles and tips on our website that help you be better prepared and more informed.

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