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    Movers in Maryland, DC and Virginia

    At Jake’s Moving & Storage we are ready when you need us!


    We are professional, local, family-owned movers who have been serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding areas for the past 20 years.

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      Moving Services Maryland, Virginia, DC

      Residential Movers

      Residential Moves

      Moving your entire home can be hectic and stressful. We take care of your moving, packing, and storage needs whether you’re moving locally in MD or long distance.

      Office Movers

      Commercial Moves

      Commercial/Factory moves are logistically complicated and difficult to organize. We’re professional commercial movers located in Potomac MD with over 10 years of experience.

      Storage Solutions

      Storage Services

      Sometimes move-in dates and move-out dates don’t sync. That’s why we offer complete storage services for homes and offices at a location that is convenient for you in MD, DC & VA.

      Packing Unpacking

      Packing and Unpacking

      Whether you choose to pack by yourself or let our experts pack for you, we use only the best quality packing supplies to protect your belongings and expensive items.

      Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

      Furniture Assembly

      If you don’t have time to disassemble furniture at your old place and reassemble it at your new location, our experts provide complete furniture (dis)assembly whether for a home or an office.

      Junk Removal

      Junk Removal

      Sometimes, when you move in to a new place or out of an old one, you need to get rid of junk. We provide professional home, yard, garage, office, and storage unit junk removal in MD, DC & VA.

      About Jake’s Moving & Storage

      Jake’s Moving & Storage is located in Potomac, MD and has over 10 years experience. We provide superior moving, packaging, and storage services for the residents and businesses of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. What makes us stand above the rest is that we’re local, family-owned, and flat rate movers with upfront pricing. Although moving is an exciting time, it can also be stressful and difficult to organize. For this reason, we offer comprehensive moving, packing, storage, junk removal, and furniture assembly services. Just sit back and relax at your new place while we take care of the rest!

      Jakes Moving About Us

      Storage Solutions For Less


      Ever wondered why storage costs so much money?  Well, now it doesn’t have to, thanks to our brand new, state-of-the-art, in-house storage facility!

      We have always offered storage options to our customers but now, we have cut out the middle man resulting in even lower prices for you! We understand better than anyone that moving to a new home or relocating your business is not always a one-day job. Our customers often need to store some of their belonging while they transition from one place to another, so we are committed to providing a safe and secure location to hold your valuables. Not only that, our new storage facility is climate controlled to protect your items all year round. Plus, our budget-friendly options mean that you can leave your belongings with us for as long as you need whether it is for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or more.

      Free Estimate

      We provide free estimates based on the services that you require.

      24/7 Service

      Moving schedules aren’t set in stone. That’s why we work with your schedule.

      Flat Rate Fees

      By being upfront with our flat rate, there are no hidden fees for you.

      Family Owned

      As a family-owned business, we stay true to family values and morals.

      Licensed, Bonded, Insured

      Fully certified with BBB, USDOT, AMSA, and ProMover accreditation.

      Local Movers

      Based in Potomac MD, we’re familiar with the DC, VA, and MD moving areas.

      I used Jake’s to move out of my townhouse in Rockville MD. They did a fabulous job! Meticulous and clean. All my fragile articles were well packed and delivered to my new destination in a very reasonable time. They are honest and the price was worth the service.

      Shari Schwartz

      This is a great moving company for anyone that hasn’t finished packing or who has a lot of stuff to pack. They came and worked to get me moved in one day! They were great at wrapping and protecting each item. I’ve used them twice and I would use them again.


      After being barraged by numerous moving companies when requesting a “quote”, I decided on Jake’s. They gave me a reasonable quote and did not double or triple the cost like most of my previous experiences with moving companies. They were on time, quick, and efficient!

      David Bernstein

      Jake’s Moving and Storage isn’t like any other moving service. They are family-owned with a small, dedicated team, which moves quickly, efficiently, and safely. I trust them more than any of the other “local” movers, especially for moving my artwork. Shimon is awesome!

      Jessica A.

      Professional Movers in Maryland


      Of Americans moved within the last 5 years.

      The average weight of a family's belongings (lbs)

      It can take the average family more than 25 hours just to pack for a DIY 3 bedroom move
      • 95% 95%
      Frustration DIY moving in DC MD VA
      It takes Jake’s Movers on average less than 10 hours to pack and move a 3 bedroom home
      • 35% 35%
      Jakes Moving and Storage Team MD DC VA

      So, instead of breaking your back and wasting your time… Call Jake’s Moving and Storage.  We are committed to making your move stress free!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Moving a few blocks, a short drive away, or across the country can be hectic and hard to organize. We understand that moving can be both exciting and daunting, which is why the mission of our company is to make your move as hassle-free as possible. While residential moves can be difficult, commercial moves are even more difficult because of the larger scale move of items and equipment. We are experts in all types of moves, local or interstate. Feel free to browse our FAQs on the right and our blog about moving tips. If you don’t see your question listed, give us a call and one of our professional moving agents will be happy to help you.

      What is your estimate/quote based on?
      We base our quote on what you tell us about the scope of the project. Tell us exactly what items you have, how many floors you have, what kind of move it is, and if there are any specialty services involved such as moving pianos, moving antiques or artwork, and so on.
      What should I do with my plants?
      Due to state laws and conditions inside moving trucks, we do NOT move plants. They often cannot withstand the heat and darkness inside a truck, and plants that are allowed in one state may not be allowed in another.
      Do you offer moving protection or insurance?
      Yes, we provide you the option of buying full valuation insurance coverage to protect you in the event of damage or loss. We also provide you information in advance on our claims procedures.
      What if my moving date changes?
      If you’ve already scheduled a moving day with us, contact our office immediately to change the date. We understand moving schedules aren’t set in stone so we’ll accommodate your new schedule.
      What kinds of payment do you accept?
      We accept cash and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). Call us for more information.
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        Virginia Movers Jake's Moving & Storage

        Virginia Movers

        We can help you with local VA moves or moving long distance from Virginia and there is virtually no object that we cannot successfully move. Whether you have a job that is especially large and complex or you have several items are heavy or have a high dollar value, we can help you because we have the experience and the knowledge to stand behind it.

        Movers in Maryland Jakes Moving

        Maryland Movers

        We are based in Potomac, Maryland. We have been in business for more than 10 years and over that amount of time, we have learned how to provide superior customer service while simultaneously assisting our customers with all types of moves. For example, we assist with both commercial moves and residential moves, whether you are moving to or from Maryland.

        Washington DC Movers Jakes Moving

        DC Movers

        Our history, services, and our pricing are all things that characterize who we are as a business. In addition, we strive on a daily basis to set ourselves apart based on the way that we interact with our customers.  As such, we have become a top mover in Washington DC with a reputation for excellence.  We have experience with many types of moves all over the DC area.

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