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    Heavy Equipment and Machinery Movers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

    You Can Count on Us For Moving Heavy Equipment and Machinery Professionally!

    Your Dependable Heavy Equipment and Machinery Movers in VA, DC, and MD, Call Us Anytime! (301) 424-1410

    heavy equiptment movers maryland dc virginiaThe task of moving heavy items brings with it a unique set of challenges that often require help from experienced professionals. We at Jake’s Moving and Storage are professional heavy equipment movers offering a wide array of professional moving services for commercial and industrial moves. Our staff includes expert heavy equipment and machinery movers who know all the tricks of the trade and can deliver your machinery or other overweight items to the desired location hassle free. We are a local moving company that has long served Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and surrounding areas.

    What is our machinery and heavy equipment moving service?

    Moving machinery and moving equipment is a common need of many businesses and factories moving out of VA, MD, or DC. This service provides you with machinery movers who are well-supplied with all of the tools necessary for a successful and efficient move. We commonly move such items as:

    • farm equipment
    • construction equipment
    • printing presses
    • conveyors
    • assembly lines
    • mills
    • medical equipment
    • specialized industrial equipment
    • and more!

    We do not move, however, hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids. We take care of the whole moving process for you from beginning to end. We can uninstall, pack, transport, unload, and re-install all of your heavy equipment. We understand the big investment you have made in this expensive machinery, and we always plan out every step involved in moving it to ensure it will never be damaged.

    What kind of packing materials and supplies do we use?

    While the exact method of packing varies on a case by case basis, we always are careful to pack each and every item with full padding and support. Bulky, odd-shaped, or extremely fragile items receive customized packing supplies. These practices greatly reduce any risk of scratches, dents, or other damage. During both the packing and unpacking processes, we exercise extreme caution and apply the “moving wisdom” that we have gained through the years.

    Do we offer storage facilities?

    Sometimes there is a gap in time between the move-in and move-out date. When this happens, you are in need of some place to store your valuable heavy equipment during the interim. That is why we provide secure and conveniently-located storage facilities for our customers. We safely move your property into the storage area, guard it while it is there, and then move it to your new location on whatever day is convenient for you.

    How do you handle local moves?

    Our expert heavy equipment and machinery movers are very familiar with the landscape in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. We can move your heavy equipment quite efficiently within your home city or anywhere within each of these states. We know how to reduce the stress that comes with relocating by making your local move within MD, DC, or VA as pleasant as possible.

    How do you handle long distance moving?

    Our long distance movers offer our customers coast to coast moving services. Jake’s Moving and Storage can literally transport your heavy items to anywhere in the nation. For interstate moves, we never drive in a manner that could put your precious equipment at risk and if requested, we can also ship your equipment.

    Why Choose Us?

    We take fast and friendly customer service as seriously as we take the moving job itself. That’s why our customer service is available 24/7. Our professional heavy equipment and machinery movers excel not only at moving machinery but also at effective communication with the customer. We give you affordable and up front pricing. We keep in contact with you in case you have a change of plans. We are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate. We are happy to serve you with professionalism and courtesy.


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