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    Moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think. If you use these 10 moving tips and tricks, you’ll have a smooth and quick transition into your new home.

    If you spend the whole day packing, it can take weeks to pack a four-bedroom home.

    When you take the time to pack up all your items the smart way, you’ll be making things much easier on yourself when it comes time to unpack in your new home.

    Follow these top 10 moving tips and tricks to make moving as painless as possible.


    1. Make a Moving & Packing Checklist

    10 Moving Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Transition to Your New Home - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Getting ready to move is a big ordeal. The day can creep up on you and catch you unprepared and frantic. Avoid hectic, disorganized moving by creating a moving and packing checklist.

    Write out everything you need to do and buy before you go. This may include things like packing tape, putty to fill holes in walls, and Sharpie markers. And of course, boxes!

    Having a list will help you stay organized and will reduce the chances that you forgot to do or buy something vital before moving day.

    2. Think Outside the Box

    There are some things that are best transported to your new home that are not in a box.

    For example, your clothes. Instead of putting them in a box, use a large garbage bag and bring it up from the bottom of your closet up to the clothes racks. Secure the hangers with elastic bands.

    At the new place, simply hang the hangers on the rod and pull off the bags. And don’t bring empty storage containers – put them to work. Use items like backpacks, laundry hampers, and suitcases as moving boxes.

    Same goes for food storage containers. Pack your forks, cooking utensils, spices and cookie cutters in separate containers. This will make it easier to unpack when you get there.

    3. Label the Boxes

    The easiest way to unload your moving truck is to have boxes that easily identify where they should go.

    You can write the room on them with a thick marker, or use a color-code system. If you write names such as Kim’s room, make sure to put up a little sign on the door that is Kim’s.

    That way, friends, and family, or professional movers can bring boxes directly to the correct room.

    Even better than just the room name is to write a brief description or number. For example, if you label all boxes that should be opened first, number 1 then you will know exactly which boxes to unwrap in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms first.

    If you prefer descriptions, toys, winter clothes, frypans etc are great descriptors that will make moving in much quicker.

    4. Pack According to the Golden Rule

    One of the best packing tricks is to use the right sized box. The golden rule for packing is, the heavier the item, the smaller the box!

    It’s much easier to carry heavier items when they’re in smaller boxes. Save the larger boxes for things that are light.

    Books especially can get very heavy. Pack books in small boxes to make moving them easier. Never over-pack a box as this can cause back pain and make the move more difficult.

    5. Pack Smart

    While packing takes quite a while, unpacking can take much longer. Make moving in as painless as possible by packing smart.

    Always pack the same room in the same box. Don’t mix things from various rooms. This way unpacking is easy.

    When packing shampoo, dish soap and other household liquids, put a layer of cling wrap before screwing on the lid. This will prevent these liquids from leaking.

    When packing necklaces, use an empty egg carton or a jewelry travel case so that these items don’t turn into a tangled mess en route.

    Moving can be stressful. Avoid stress with these top 5 apps for moving.

    6. Declutter as you Pack

    When you are packing and moving is a great time to evaluate your items and purge what’s not needed. If you have some stuff that you never use, save your box space for something you do use and get rid of it.

    Make a donation pile and once you’re all packed, arrange for a local charity to pick up your unwanted items or drop them off yourself to a thrift store.

    This will make unpacking easier when you get to your new place. And it will help you bring items that you truly need and use instead of detritus you’ve accumulated over the years.

    7. Last in, First Out

    Whatever you will need first at the new place is the boxes you should load last in the moving truck.

    That way, when you get there, these important items are what comes off first. Things such as cleaning supplies or kitchen items are often needed right away.

    Mark these boxes with a different colored tape and load them into the truck last.

    8. Pack an Overnight Bag

    The day before the move, all non-essential items will be packed up and inaccessible. However, there are still things you will need overnight and the day of the move.

    Pack an overnight bag with your essentials that you do not want in some box somewhere. Keep this bag with you as you move. You’ll be glad to have it and avoid running around hunting for some small, but very important thing.

    Keep your cash, prescription medications, reading glasses, device chargers and other items close at hand. Important documentation such as passports is also best kept in this overnight bag.

    9. Protect your Fragile Items

    10 Moving Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Transition to Your New Home - Jake's Moving and Storage

    You don’t need to purchase bubble wrap to protect your delicate items.

    Use kitchen tea towels, linens, and socks instead! Not only will it save you money, it’s also better for the environment and uses what you already have.

    Put stemware and drinking glasses inside clean socks to keep them safe. Layer tea towels and other linens in between plates.

    10. Plan your Meals

    For a couple weeks leading up to the move, make a meal plan using the contents of your fridge and freezer in mind.

    Try to consume these foods and don’t buy more! Also, plan what you will eat after the kitchen is packed up the day before moving day and for breakfast on the morning of the move.

    Moving Tips and Tricks Conclusion

    We hope these 10 moving tips and tricks will help your move go much more smoothly. Did you know that you can hire packing and unpacking services in addition to professional movers?

    Jake’s Moving and Storage is a leader of the moving companies in DC, MD, and VA. Request a free quote today.

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