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    Heavy Item Movers for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

    Get It Movin' with Jake’s Moving & Storage Heavy Item Moving Service

    For Quick and Efficient Heavy Item Movers in VA, MD, and DC

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    Moving Heavy Items Movers MD DC VAMoving large items entails far more than lifting with your knees. Attempts to move heavy items by pedestrians constantly leads to costly accidents and even serious injury, regardless of the care and preparation put into moving furniture.

    Based in Potomac, MD, we are licensed, bonded, and insured heavy item movers providing a level of comfort and surety when it comes to moving possessions. And this should be a consideration even if you are moving large items within the same dwelling.

    While it’s perfectly logical to hire professional moving services to get your piano across town, some see it as extravagant to bring in professional movers to transport that same item from one room to another. Of course, no one considers that regardless of the distance, moving large items entails the same risks and you need professional heavy item movers to help you. Jake’s Moving and Storage wants to make sure that everyone takes care with their furnishings and residential moves.

    Moving Large Items

    Move Heavy Things MD DC VAOur local movers have been serving Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and the surrounding areas long enough to know how to ensure when transporting large items, nothing goes wrong. You don’t merely want to protect the beds, pianos, and couches; you want to protect your walls, door frames, and yourselves.

    This requires a hand deft at moving heavy items from point A to B. Our large item movers work in logistics, determining every factor of a project, whether that’s getting your items into storage, across state, or into the garage.

    We provide you with all-inclusive moving services that include up front pricing and a fast and friendly level of customer service that is unparalleled. Sometimes a hand truck and strong biceps aren’t enough. Expect us to come in and look not just at your piano, aquarium, hot tub, safe, pool table, classic car, etc., but the entire environment.

    Trust us when we say it’s better to have heavy item movers get that item from one room to another, or transported for local or long distance. From appropriate packing to not getting walls scuffed, our professional movers treat your possessions and surroundings as if they were our own. We have professional piano movers, hot tub movers, and pool table movers.

    Materials and Packing Supplies

    Heavy Item Movers MD DC VAWe are exceptionally careful about padding and supporting everything we move. From boxing to draping, we will always use resources and tools engineered for proper transport. Remember, when you go into a store or other outlet, you’re most likely buying generic materials designed for one or two purposes. So whether you prefer to pack yourself or let us perform the task for you, talk with us about the packing supplies you’re going to need.

    Storage Services

    A move takes place in several stages. Move out and move in dates can be different. There may be a brief period where your possessions need to be safely placed until you’re ready for them. Fortunately, we provide storage moving services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. and can connect you with a storage facility anywhere in the nation.

    No Project is Too Big or Small

    Jake’s Moving and Storage are your local movers for short and long trips, packing and unpacking, safeguarding property until you’re ready for it and more. We’re piano movers, hot tub movers, and pool table movers, whether it’s getting them from the basement to an upstairs room or from one city to another. We have the experience and tools for keeping your moving projects on track and on budget.

    If you have a small or large moving project, contact us today and let one of our techs walk you through it. Our customer service is available 24/7/365. It will be the first step to ensuring that your project is stress free, affordable, time saving, and safe.


    Jake’s Moving and Storage MD VA DC – Your Local, Reliable Heavy Item Movers in VA, DC, and MD

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