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    We Can Help if There’s a Gap Between Your Move-In and Move-Out Dates – 24/7 Availability – (301) 424-1410


    In the ideal world, you would find the right home to move into at the moment that arrangements have been made to sell your current home. But, as you know, our world is usually less than ideal and this fact makes it more meaningful to coordinate things and actually have them work out as you have planned. Let Jake’s Moving and Storage help you with coordinating move-in and move-out dates using our licensed, bonded, and insured, professional movers. Jake’s Moving and Storage can help you coordinate your residential moves in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Our professional moving company also offers local storage facilities to make your move more hassle-free.

    Timing Issues

    Closing the sale of your current home and moving into your new home is rarely a seamless thing. Even if the timing isn’t perfect, you have options that will make it possible to easily coordinate your move. It is wise to close the sale of your current home first and have some money to cushion your transition. If you already have your eye on your new dwelling, ask a realtor or mortgage broker about the purchase to get a better idea about the time-frame of your move. You should also negotiate with the buyers of your current home to find out how soon you need to move out. You may have to rent between homes and put some things in storage. I can help you with this as well as your move when you’re ready.

    But way before you need our packing, disassembly or reassembly services, you and your mortgage broker should have all the details worked out. One option is to rent your current home until you find a buyer. This option will also offer extra cash. Your mortgage broker can guide you and may even have a guaranteed sales option where they buy your current home and you are able to move into your new home slightly sooner.

    What Sets Us Apart?

    Jake’s Moving and Storage offers many services that can help you with coordinating move-in and move-out dates because we are not your ordinary professional residential and business movers. Our licensed, bonded, and insured professional moving company also offers packing and unpacking, complete furniture dis-assembly and re-assembly, as well as junk removal in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding areas. If you are not ready to move everything all at once, we also offer storage units for interstate moves and vehicle storage. Our professional movers can also remove the junk from your yard and home after your move is executed, as well as clean out your storage unit if you have one. We offer upfront pricing, 24/7 availability, and friendly, honest local staff whose goal is to make your move as stress-free as possible.

    We Are Here For You

    For perfectly coordinating move-in and move-out dates, I am here for you. Let my family owned, local business handle all of your moving needs including storage units for interstate moves, packing and unpacking, furniture dis-assembly and re-assembly, and junk removal for your home and yard. Our fast and friendly staff and 24/7 availability enable a seamless execution of your moving plans.


    Jake’s Moving and Storage – Your Go-To MD-VA-DC Moving Company

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