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    How To Pack Fine China For Moving – Call us 24/7 at (301) 424-1410


    Fine china is used as a very formal dinnerware. You might use it in a casual setting but more often than not, you probably have a set of nicer dishes that are used for guests and fancy dinners, and a much more durable and affordable set that is used for everyday use. Fine china is far more expensive than dinnerware and it can cost a great deal to replace even just one item if it becomes damaged or broken. Also, china can be very rare and often it is passed down from generation to generation. You might have been given china as a wedding gift and its price often encourages people to purchase a couple of pieces at a time and as more guests contribute, you eventually get your full set.

    If you are moving from one location to another, your china and other breakables inside of your home should be properly packed up and moved carefully in order to prevent any breaks from occurring during the move. There are special techniques and products to pack china for moving and these techniques can also apply to packing fragile items such as figurines, glass, stemware, etc. Some of these products and techniques that you can use include:


    Tips on Moving and Packing Fine China - Jake's Moving and Storage

    When packing up plates and other dinnerware, there are many different specialty boxes that you can use to keep items safe and protected. Boxes used for fine china often have dividers and this helps keep plates, bowls, and other items from banging into one another, which can cause an item to chip or break. In addition to you keeping the items in their individual slots, each item should be also wrapped individually.


    Wrapping china helps provide a barrier around the items so that if they were to touch or the box was to bang into another box, the impact would be absorbed by the wrapping and not the china itself. Bubble wrap is a common product that you can use for packing china for moving. At Jake’s Moving and Storage, we wrap each item individually and then put the items into their appropriately sized boxes. This saves you the hassle when you are already stressed and busy with the million other things to do during a move.

    Over Packing

    It is important not to overpack china for moving. Boxes should be kept small so that they are not hard to move and so they are not overpacked with a ton of different items. This way, when you or a professional company is moving in the surrounding areas of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia, the process will be easier and the items will be kept intact.

    Remember, my company provides packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, padding) if you’d like to pack yourself. Or, my experienced packers and I can pack for you! If you are looking for professional movers that are located in the general areas of Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and surrounding areas, you can contact Jake’s Moving and Storage for more information. My professional moving company is experienced and knows how to safely pack fine china for moving, along with many of your other valuable and breakable items. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we take the utmost care with ensuring that nothing is damaged while we travel from point A to point B with your items in tow.


    Jake’s Moving and Storage – Licensed VA-DC-MD Movers

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