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    Moving homes? Protect your identity!

    This is the ideal time to streamline your life and take stock of your possessions and sort what is needed from what is no longer relevant. In our opinion this can be an exciting and freeing time if approached with the right mindset. Whether it be old clothes or family heirlooms you wish to put in storage or previous tax assessments you want to shred there is only one company you need to turn to! We pride ourselves in making sure you can lead the life you want and helping you clean up your act, move efficiently, or just providing you with the moving supplies to do it yourself is our pleasure.

    How You Can Protect Your Privacy - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Today it is important that everyone shred important documents to prevent identity theft, loss of private banking information and private correspondence. Some communities have local large scale shredding events that help residents eliminate these sensitive files safely. Community Mobile shredding events require you to bring your documents to the event where they are safely disposed of, however this option might not be available to everyone.

    This is why Jake’s Moving and Storage shredding services are such a necessary edition to the wonderful services we already provide. We will gladly come to you and can handle large amounts of paper and have a bulk shredding service especially for this.

    It’s not just paper documents that requires shredding services. Many people are looking for a reputable company to dispose of other materials as well; such as, video cassettes, cd’s, dvd’s, old laptop computers, hard drives and other undesired media and obsolete devices. Protect your privacy when you move and get rid of the clutter.

    How You Can Protect Your Privacy - Jake's Moving and Storage

    When starting out in a new place it is important to start fresh without too much clutter. You take the effort to research the latest design trends, how best to landscape your yard this summer, so why not take the same effort towards protecting your privacy when you move. Unfortunately the reality exists that criminals seek out discarded personal information in trash and a residential move is a prime time for these crimes to occur.

    With our helpful Jake’s Moving and Storage staff you can feel a little better and trust your security and peace of mind is our main concern.

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