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    Your yard is an extension of your home and as such can add considerable resale value and draw in potential buyers. Jake’s Moving and Storage takes pride in supplying tips and advice to our current and prospective customers to make moving and resale a piece of cake. Our expert team is familiar with the current trends and compiled a list of current landscaping trends to beautify your outdoor space.

    Before running to the hardware store to order new paint swatches and spiffy patio furniture hire us to remove your outdoor garbage. Gutter cleaning, and hauling away of old junk and unwanted material is where we come in! Our handy movers will gladly clean up old storage areas and move surplus items from your garage or yard to new storage facilities. Out with the old and in with the new!

    After you’ve removed the old and unwanted start by directing your eye to your patio set and surrounding area. If your home doesn’t have a patio adding one is a fantastic idea that not only adds usable square footage to your property but a welcoming touch. Like the front porches of days gone by, why not sit back and enjoy cool summer nights with a frosty beverage and friends. Affordable and adaptable patio sets make entertaining easy and our employees make the assembly easier. Our furniture delivery and assembly services are at your disposal.

    Creating a buffer around the perimeter of your property to keep out unwanted noise can be done in beautiful ways. Filling a small front yard with medium size plants can shield your home from street noise. Fragrant and eye catching florals can actually make your yard look bigger by adding texture, color and shape.
    Add to this by working around a key focal point. Good garden designs have a focal point or even a series of focal points. Drawing the eye into a specific location can minimize the risk potential home buyers notice less savory aspects of the property.

    Beautify Your Yard - Jake's Moving and Storage

    DIY Backyard Fire pits add comfort and practicality to your space. With so many versatile designs to choose from, having a fire pit can add aesthetic value to your home without deducting from your pocketbook. Take a look at a recent article published by WOO Home for 38 Easy and Fun DIY Fire Pit Ideas.

    This summer update your property by updating your landscaping and reap the benefits immediately. No project is too big or too small for Jake’s Moving and Storage team and our efficient and affordable movers would be pleased to help you get your summer underway in style.

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