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    Every year the styles change, sometimes drastically and sometimes minimally but staying ahead of the trend is something the staff at Jake’s Moving and Storage specialize in with our helpful Moving Tips section. We follow the trends so you don’t have to and always find the best ways to incorporate these changes in your new home! Whether its assembling new furniture or storing old pieces on your behalf, ensuring you have the space you desire is our mission.
    Read on below to see our recommendations for 2016 Home Decor trends to integrate into your space.

    1)Mix it up
    Mis- matched patterns in the kitchen spark the imagination. Bold colors and styles add pop to your culinary spaces and value to your home.This year’s trend of mixing materials is a fresh addition to the world of interior design. Think dark stained wood with black stainless steel, marble accents and eclectic patterns. Turning your kitchen into a mix of vintage and modern has never been simplier.

    2)Formal touches
    We welcome the return of the formal dining room. Forget your grandmother’s dinner table with precious china place settings and think instead of metropolitan city settings. Modern, cultured, and functional dinner sets with gorgeous wooden tables and plush seating are the trend to follow.

    3) Subtle style
    Matte and chalky finishes are in. Last years trend was all about dazzling metallic whereas this year subtle style is making a comeback. Painting a feature wall in matte grey or forest green can dazzle prospective home buyers and adds a calming touch to the atmosphere of your home.

    Current Decorating Trends - Jake's Moving and Storage

    4) Kick it old school
    Tech less living rooms make the family come together. Eliminate high tech gadgets and overwhelming plasma screens and spend quality time with the ones you love. Sleek and inviting designs and patterns allow for fully functioning common spaces to become works of art.

    5) Retire in style
    Making the bedroom a room for a bed again. Eliminate the laptop and TV and create a separate space for work and rest. Statement mirrors, and the appearance of traditionally outdoor linens re-purposed for indoor use transform your bedroom into the epitome of restful relaxation.

    6) Minimal touches
    Your day is hectic enough let’s keep that out of the home. Minimalism is a trend we can get behind. Avoid over cluttering table tops and shelves with knick knacks in favor of a few key features in strong, bold styles to draw the eye where you want it to go.

    It’s important to remember your home is your sanctuary and should remain an inviting and functional place for you and yours. When considering making large scale changes to design and living arrangements enlisting the help of a professional mover is in your favor. Keep your eye trained for aesthetic detail and allow our friendly staff at Jake’s Moving and Storage to take care of the heavy lifting.

    For more helpful tips and style guides we recommend taking a look at the beautiful Elle Decor site.

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