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    So you’ve decided to sell your home and the advertising for a buyer has been posted. What’s your next step? It’s not hiring your mover, although we at Jake’s Moving and Storage have you covered when it comes to that. Our dedicated team of professional movers can handle anything from a college dorm room moves to an estate sale move, to a haul and dump of unwanted boxes. 

    Staging your home once it has been put on the market can greatly increase your chances of a successful sale in less time. Our helpful tips come from years of service in the real estate world and our own knowledge as movers for what works best.

    Eliminate the “YOU”

    When someone is considering purchasing your home they want to imagine themselves in that space so it’s very important to eliminate the personal touches from your home for potential buyers. The secret to a successful home stage  lies in pretending your home is already sold. Start the sorting, clearing, and packing now .  Pack up seasonal clothes and spare dishes immediately and any unnecessary furniture and allow Jake’s Moving and Storage to place it all in a storage facility for you.  Obviously, you’re still living in your home so the basics stay and the personal stuff goes!  Our company has boxes for every size and and need and courteous professional staff to  help you disassemble excess furniture and reassemble when the time come in your new home. Your home will sell faster and most likely for more if the buyer can visualize himself in the space from the get go.

    Conquer the Clutter and Dirt

     Staging your Home - Jake's Moving and Storage

    De-cluttering your property can make your real estate look better and more attractive than the competition. Your home must be cleaner and less cluttered than it’s ever been, take a look at our previous tip guide on Spring Cleaning and make the most of your organizing. Get rid of the day-to-day build up (the mail, children shoes, sports equipment, the dog hair), as well as the overlooked accumulation of stuff we all have in our homes. Steam cleaning the carpets,or repainting the walls can be hard work so trust a Jake’s Moving professional to assist you. We can take the heavy work off your hands and move your furniture and appliances so you don’t have to, allowing you to clean even those hidden and hard to reach spots.

    Curb Appeal

    Make the front of your home beautiful and draw foot traffic in during a showing. Good home and yard maintenance is important, but focusing in on a few spots like a freshly painting your front door and shutters, and a few beautiful potted plants around your entrance way help to make a great first impression. Take a hard look at any fencing you have in the front yard and if you see repairs or updates are needed make sure to call a repairman as soon as possible. Yard debris and clutter can be picked up and hauled away by a Jake’s Moving man in no time at all. Arranging new deck furniture and lawn accessories can also increase the appeal of your property and lucky for you our Jake’s Moving and Storage employees are keen to help with assembly. Just pick up a phone and call today!

    No matter where you are in the DC area our team of efficient and conscientious moving experts will be glad to help you!

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