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    Free Your Clutter With These Storage Tips

    With Summer coming to an end, now is the time to get your Summer stuff organized to put away before those long Winter months creep up on you. Jake’s Moving and Storage knows all about moving and storage tips from the top to the bottom. We can help you with every storage option. From your attic to your garage. 

    3 Amazing Organization and Storage Tips for Your Home - Jake's Moving and Storage

                      Jake’s Moving and Storage is committed to helping you get organized. Check out our Top 3 Storage Tips:

    Follow The 1 Year Rule

    The 1-year rule is that if you haven’t used it, worn it, or touched it in a year chances are you don’t need it. You’re better off getting rid of it. Put it aside to sell it to a pawn shop, second-hand store, or at your next yard sale. You don’t need to get rid of things you love but this is an easy rule that will help you empty out your basement or garage.

    Asses Your House

    Walk through your house with a pen and notebook. Write down things you could possibly pitch and put aside. Look at where things are placed in each room so you can designate what areas in your house that item needs to be. For example- if you see toys in the living room, put them all in a basket and move them to that child’s room. Same idea goes for dog toys.


    Have a Fashion Show

    3 Amazing Organization and Storage Tips for Your Home - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Dig into your closet and start trying on clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. If it doesn’t fit or you don’t like the way it looks anymore, put it aside and put it the donation pile. Not only is trying on things you haven’t worn in a long time fun, but it also clears out your closet and makes space for new items.

    Rest assured we’ll remove all those unwanted items and get rid of them in a safe and efficient way. Whether you want to free up all your cluttered kitchen cabinets or empty your basement storage room, Jake’s Moving and Storage has everything covered from top to bottom.

    Did you know that you can also easily organize your home with things that you already have lying around your house? There’s no need to go out and buy anything special. If you have old PVC pipes lying around your house from a recent renovation, turn those pipes into a useful shoe rack that makes a great conversation starter too! Milk crates can be turned into a mini ottoman that holds games or blankets. Check out these DIY Home Organizational Ideas to get started today!

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