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    Are you in need of a professional packing service? Or you simply have too much stuff to pack on your own? Read more for 7 telltale signs.

    Americans move more than residents of any other country in the world. Chalk it up to moving for a job, moving away from harsh winters, or any other reason. It doesn’t matter; if you’re American, you’ll move a number of times in your life.

    The worst part about moving? Packing. If you’re currently staring at a house full of stuff around you, wondering how the heck you’re going to pull this off, you might need to call a professional packing service.

    Think you can go the DIY route instead of hiring packers? Read on for seven telltale signs you need professional packers before you build those boxes.

    You Don’t Know Where to Start

    What’s the best way to pack a house?

    Is it room-by-room? Item type by item type? Should you pack according to what you use most and least?

    If you don’t know the answers to those questions, then you’re not packing your home up the most efficient way. In the middle of a move, it can feel like your mind is pulled in a thousand directions. Don’t be surprised if you packed your kitchen utensils. Only to realize you still have to cook dinner for three more nights.

    Professional house packers are trained to pack the right stuff in the right order. You’ll never have Chinese takeout for three nights in a row while moving again.

    Your Schedule Is Jam-Packed


    It would seem that, as your time in one place nears an end, your schedule would dwindle. Your new life in your next home seems like it’s waiting on the horizon. And your old one will taper off cleanly. Right?

    Not so much. Moving is one of the most stressful events a human can undergo. The change in routine, scenery, and familiar faces can be nerve-wracking.

    Add those sky-high cortisol levels to a jam-packed schedule, and packing becomes the most frustrating thing in the world. Avoid the petty arguments and ramen for dinner while a pro does the work. Professional packing companies can zap the stress right out of one of life’s most stressful events.

    You Need to Move Quickly

    Sometimes, life throws us curveballs. Those curveballs might come in the form of a buyer for the house you’re renting. Or a new job that wants you to start in two weeks.

    If your situation calls for a quick move, ditch any hope of a DIY route. Packing up an entire house the right way in a short amount of time is impossible. That’s why professional packing companies for moving have many employees who can wrap your things up safe and sound.

    Don’t sacrifice your china just because you’re in a hurry.

    You Need Special Packing

    How do you plan to pack your antique clawfoot velvet-upholstered couch? How about all those houseplants you love so much? What about the homemade shelf your son made in shop class that’s barely held together by a few screws?

    These are examples, but there might be parallels in your home. Oddly-shaped items, furniture, and sentimental items all qualify as special packing. If it doesn’t fit in a box and you can’t figure out how else to wrap it, it’s a special needs situation. And you need help with it.

    You Have a Ton of Fragile Items

    Here’s the thing about fragile items: you probably have more than you thought you did. The mind instantly goes to things like lamps, your television set, and China.

    As you start to pack up your kitchen, though, you’ll notice how much more is packed in those cabinets than you’ve thought. Don’t forget that picture frames are fragile too, and some can be very large. The same goes for some electronics like external hard drives that may malfunction if dropped.

    A newspaper isn’t sufficient for packing fragile items either. You can pack it as tight as you’d like, but it just doesn’t compare to professional packing supplies. Bubble wrap and professional padding fill spaces better. It provides better support from the small bumps during a drive. And protect items better as boxes are stacked.

    You Only Want a Few Things Packed

    Maybe you feel you’ve got a handle on most of your packing. You’ve had some time to prepare, and you’re actually a little ahead of schedule.

    Or maybe you don’t want to hire a pro to pack things like clothing, which you don’t mind throwing into suitcases. Some people like to keep the original boxes of their kitchen appliances to minimize moving costs in the future.

    If this sounds like you, you might want to consider a partial packing service. It’s perfect if you prefer not to hire a professional service for the entirety of the packing job but still need help with certain aspects of it.

    A professional packing service can come and pack only your fragile stuff. To ensure they’re packed as safe and sound as possible, for instance. They can come and pack just your special packing needs, such as oddly-shaped items and furniture. You can customize your packing experience however you like it. Professional packing isn’t an all or nothing experience!

    You Only Want Help Unpacking

    Maybe moving is an old hat to you by now. You’ve moved across the country, up and down a cost, switched jobs a few times. You don’t need a pro to help you get it right.

    That doesn’t mean packing still isn’t hard work, though. If you choose to go the DIY route to save money on packing to move, you might want to consider a professional unpacking service for when you arrive!

    Often, in the process of moving, getting there is our end date. It’s disappointing when we get to our new place only to see an empty house and a bunch of boxes on the floor that we now have to start unwrapping.

    Get settled faster with professional unpacking!

    Need a Professional Packing Service?

    Moving is an incredibly stressful event, and packing makes it even more so. Take that stress out of the experience by hiring a professional packing service. Save the couch for last so you can sit back, relax, and re-watch Game of Thrones while they do the heavy lifting!

    Moving in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia? We can help! Get in touch for a FREE, customized quote on packing services!

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