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    Discover the Best Mover and Best Moving Company in Washington, DC 2023

    Jake Moving and Storage: Best DC Moving and Storage Company


    Washington DC Moving Company - Jakes Moving DCDiscover our best DC moving company with top-rated local and long-distance movers. Whether you’re planning a long-distance move or a local transition within the DC Metro area, hiring the right moving team can make your move day stress-free. From packing and move logistics to secure storage services, the 10 best movers in Washington, DC, offer full-service moving solutions.

    Choose a professional moving company with years of moving experience, like Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, for peace of mind. Your search for the best local and long-distance moving services in Washington ends here. Make your move to or from Washington a smooth and efficient process with the experts in the field.

    History of Our Moving Company DC

    We are based in Potomac, Maryland. We have been in business for more than 10 years and over that amount of time, we have learned how to provide premier customer service while simultaneously assisting our customers with all kinds of moves. For example, we assist with both commercial moves and residential moves. Over the years, our professional movers have also helped with some large industrial relocations in DC, making us a leading company when it comes to large and complicated moves. By the same token, we have spent the entire time that we have been in business focusing on the importance of local moves that require only a couple of hours to complete in their entirety. As a result, we have become a well-rounded DC moving company that is able to handle a large variety of obstacles with ease.

    Our DC Moving Service

    We offer many services to help you accomplish your goals associated with moving from one place to another. As previously mentioned, we provide a professional moving service but there is really much more to it than that. We can assist you with packing and/or unpacking, and we even offer furniture assembly and disassembly options. We can assist you with local DC moves or moving long distances from DC and there is virtually no object that we cannot successfully move. Whether you have a job that is especially large and complex or you have several items that are heavy or have a high dollar value, we can assist you because we have the experience and the knowledge to stand behind it. We also move automobiles and can even store them on your behalf if you need us to. We even offer file storage services for offices so you have a place to store your important documents if you are moving your office.

    Our DC Moving Company Stands Out Through Distinctive Qualities.

    • We can provide service 24/7
    • We deliver up-front, flat-rate pricing
    • We provide honest, reliable service
    • Safety always comes first with us
    • We operate with the utmost professionalism
    • Our drivers have clean records
    • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
    • Our experienced packers are fast and friendly


    When it comes to pricing, we are flat rate movers so you know exactly how much will be paying upfront and without any unpleasant surprises. We base our rates on the amount of time that it will take for us to pack, move, and/or store your belongings as well as the amount of travel time that is involved. We will give you a price before the job is agreed upon and we stick to that price. This means that you never have to worry about being quoted one thing and then paying another. As a result, we have successfully served Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia for more than a decade.

    If you are looking for professional Washington DC movers and packers, Jake’s Moving and Storage is the company for you.


    Best Movers in Washington DC


    Jake’s Moving and Storage takes the hassle out of your move. Our highly trained professionals offer stress-free moving services, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home within Washington, DC, or across state lines. As a trusted Washington DC moving company, we prioritize your moving needs, delivering on-time service and expert assistance. Whether you’re planning local or long-distance moves, we’re here to help. With a commitment to excellence and the backing of the American Moving and Storage Association, we’re the top choice among local moving companies in DC. When you’re looking for the best movers in your area, choose us for a hassle-free, efficient moving process.


    Top Moving Service Providers in Washington, DC


    Jake’s Moving and Storage is your partner for stress-free moving. Whether you’re relocating locally or planning interstate moves, our expert team ensures a smooth transition. We offer both local and long-distance services, with highly trained packers and movers who prioritize punctuality. When you’re moving across Greater Washington, our full-service moving solutions, including packing and storage, are tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of choosing the right moving company, and we’re dedicated to being the best in the industry. So, when you’re looking for the best moving services in Washington, DC, we’ve got you covered—making your move a hassle-free experience, whether it’s to a new home in Washington or beyond.


    Efficient Local Move Solutions with Expert Movers

    Heavy Items Movers in Washington DC

    Experience a seamless transition to your new home with our free moving service, offered by Express Moving and Storage. Whether you’re planning a local or long-distance move, our team of two movers ensures a hassle-free experience. As the best long-distance movers in Washington, we take pride in being punctual and reliable.

    Our professional packers and movers in Washington are highly trained to handle your belongings with care. We are a full-service moving company offering both local and long-distance moving and storage services. When you choose us, you can trust that your move will be efficient and stress-free.

    Make moving a breeze by hiring a moving company you can rely on. Check out our list of the best moving and storage solutions for your next move with Express Moving and Storage.


    Choosing the Best Moving Company in Washington, D.C.


    Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, the safety of your belongings relies on the moving company you choose. It’s essential to opt for a reliable and punctual service. Our DC moving company stands out as the go-to choice in the region. We offer both local and long-distance moving services, and our movers were on time.

    What sets us apart is our dedication to being a moving company with highly trained professionals. We understand that moving can be a daunting task, which is why we’re here to help. Our moving company offers local and long-distance moving services to cater to your unique needs. From packing and loading to transportation and unloading, we ensure your belongings are handled with care throughout the journey.

    So, when it comes to moving, choose the DC moving company that goes above and beyond – delivering on-time, efficient, and highly-trained service for both local and long-distance moves.


    Packing Tips and Moving Boxes: Your Moving Essentials


    Moving can be a daunting task, but with the right packing tips and moving boxes, you can make the process smoother.

    • Declutter First: Start by purging and donating items you no longer need or use.
    • Get Sturdy Boxes: Invest in a variety of sturdy moving boxes in different sizes.
    • Label Clearly: Clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to.
    • Use Packing Materials: Protect fragile items with bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape.
    • Proper Packing Order: Place heavier items at the bottom of boxes and fragile items on top.
    • Fill Empty Spaces: Prevent shifting by filling empty spaces with packing peanuts or clothing.
    • Don’t Overpack: Avoid overloading boxes to prevent breakage and excessive weight.
    • Create a “Moving Day” Box: Pack essentials separately, including toiletries, important documents, and a change of clothes.
    • Plan and Organize: Start early and stay organized for a stress-free move to your new home.
    • Choose a Reliable Moving Company to Help: Hire movers or Look for a DC moving company with a highly proven track record and positive customer reviews to ensure your belongings are handled with care and efficiency.


    Jake’s Moving and Storage DC – Give Us A Call Anytime If You’re Looking For A Reliable DC Moving Company


    Frequently Asked Questions About Our D.C. Moving and Storage Company


    What type of moving services are available in Washington, DC?

    Washington, DC offers a range of moving services, including local moves, long-distance moves, and full-service moving. Whether you're relocating within the city or across state lines, you can find professional movers to assist with your specific type of move.

    How do I choose the best local movers in Washington?

    To find the top local movers in Washington, consider consulting lists of the "top 10 best movers" companies and reading reviews. Look for established and "corporate movers near me" who have a strong reputation for delivering excellent service.

    What should I look for in a long-distance moving company in Washington, DC?

    When selecting a long-distance moving company in Washington, prioritize professionalism and experience. Look for movers like Jake's Moving and Storage Company and Gentle Giant Moving Company, known for their expertise in handling long-distance relocations with care.

    Can you recommend professional movers in Washington for a full-service move?

    Certainly! Jake's Moving & Storage boasts a variety of professional movers who offer full-service moving. These experts can manage every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading.

    What is the difference between a local move and a long-distance move in Washington, DC?

    The primary distinction between a local move and a long-distance move in Washington, DC, is the distance traveled. Local moves typically occur within the DC area, while long-distance moves involve crossing state lines or covering a significant distance. Both types of moves can benefit from the expertise of pro movers specializing in the region.

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