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    Moving to Arlington, VA? Here’s what you can expect when you get there.

    Are you planning on moving to Arlington VA? As one of the most unique areas in the country, you need to know the region before you arrive. But, don’t make the same moving mistakes countless have made in the area.

    Arlington Virginia is a popular living space for D.C. commuters. It has a celebrated historic culture as well. And compared to our nation’s capital, it’s highly affordable.

    Arlington is also connected to Washington D.C. public transportation. A largely residential area, there are options for parking. But you can leverage the orange line metro to go directly to the city.

    There are some unique facts you should know before moving to Arlington VA. We’ll go over some of the other great things about the area. Then we’ll discuss how to prepare for your move.

    The Benefits of Moving to Arlington VA

    Arlington has some outstanding unique benefits that make it a great place to live. It also has of which you need to be aware. Consider some of the following pros and cons as you decide what to bring, and where.


    It Has a Great Dining Culture

    What to Expect When Moving to Arlington VA  - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Arlington benefits from the cosmopolitan attitudes centered in Washington D.C. This is a benefit worth looking for when moving to Arlington VA. Great destinations are spread out all over town, some within walking distance.

    Restaurant options range from Vietnamese to Persian. Arlington has residents across the economic spectrum, so many are affordable. And you don’t necessarily need a taxi to get there.

    Consider this as you choose your new home. You’ll find in Arlington that you will not need your car as often.

    You Can Walk or Bike Most Places

    Much like a large city, you don’t need to drive everywhere. Many residents live only a few blocks from the metro. The city has dozens of bike rental stations as well.

    Before you move, consider downsizing if you have more than one car. Consult with a professional moving company for the best advice on what to bring. You will find, with the right help, you can prepare more quickly than you’d think.


    The Outdoor Life is Better Than Most Cities

    What to Expect When Moving to Arlington VA  - Jake's Moving and Storage

    You have cosmopolitan dining to look forward to when moving to Arlington VA. But unlike big cities, there are outdoor lifestyle options as well. In fact, Arlington has some of the best walking and biking trails in the state.

    Again, you can take the metro to get to most of these places. Park areas are well maintained in the county as well. Many include public restrooms, public water, and more.

    As you plan your move, consider what recreational equipment you should take. Consider heavy items you won’t be needing as well. If you plan on walking the trails, it may be time to leave the treadmill behind.

    Education is a Top Priority

    Arlington’s school test scores are 25% higher than the national average. Adult residents are among the most educated in the country. Expect the county to prioritize learning for your young ones.

    Arlington is a bastion of higher learning as well. There are 62 colleges within a 50-mile radius. Students have easy access to D. C. schools as well.

    This is another reason a home in Arlington is a great investment. Your children could spend their whole educational lifetimes in the area. They will enjoy top-notch learning along the way.

    There Are Things Happening Constantly

    Arlington is not a place to “get away” from public activity. When moving to Arlington VA, be prepared for a mosaic of cultures. You will see a lot of events that come along with that.

    Choose a location that suits your desired level of exposer. You may not want to be in the center of popular events. But you may not want to miss out on them either.

    There are countless areas near cultural events but equally affordable. You may learn more about different cultures and holidays as well.

    Moving to Arlington is Easy

    With the right service, moving to Arlington VA is easy. Your team will reduce the struggle of having your truck access your new home. This is especially true with the right experts at your side.

    You may find you don’t need to bring some of your belongings. Don’t worry about downsizing or removing junk. The right moving service will help you manage items for your move.

    The Things to Look Out for in Arlington VA

    Just like any town, Arlington has its cons. Here are some things to consider before you move.

    The Nightlife Has Disadvantages

    Are you looking forward to enjoying great restaurants and bars? So are all of your neighbors. Weekend evenings can get a bit boisterous as a result.

    This is not true of all areas. But look into what foot traffic might be like in your neighborhood. If there are apartment buildings nearby, expect some barhopping young people.

    The Traffic

    Despite great public transportation, Arlington has traffic problems. This is especially true when heading towards D.C. But it’s something to be mindful of everywhere.

    Your moving company will help you get in outside of peak hours. They will help you arrange to prevent parking and traffic issues in advance. Again, don’t hesitate to downsize to a single vehicle.

    The Gentrification

    Arlington experiences some wealth spill off from the D.C. area. That means consolidated homes for wealthy people are popping up everywhere. This is especially true near the metro.

    This is something to look out for as property expenses rise. Depending on your goals, this may work for you or against you.

    Moving your family is a life-changing moment. Arlington VA is a great place for your family to grow. Keep these important points in mind as you communicate with your moving team.

    Why Arlington Residents Choose Jake’s

    Jake’s Moving & Storage has moved new residents to Arlington for over 10 years. We’re experts on D.C. and the neighboring Virginia and Maryland regions. We offer the special attention the big national movers can’t provide.

    Contact us now for a brief conversation about your moving needs. We will take your business, even if it’s at the last minute. Then we’ll set up a moving plan with your budget in mind.

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