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    If it’s been awhile since you’ve opened that family storage unit it might be worth it to make the time and take inventory. Jake’s Moving and Storage teams know a thing or two about storage, it’s our job after all!
    Our team is specially equipped to carry out the heavy lifting and dirty grimy work so you don’t have to and can help you move items to a storage unit or clean out unwanted items.

    When you embark on a storage unit renewal you may also find it worthwhile to enlist in our help for junk removal. In addition to storage unit clean-outs, our team often works in junk removal where we visit basements, attics, and crawl spaces and efficiently discard of old and broken things you may have forget you even had.

    Residential storage units and commercial storage units often contain old furniture, desks, chairs, old machinery or appliances, old files, old computers and other old electronics. By calling us to sort through and dispose of your unwanted items you can rest assured the job will be handled in the most efficient and responsible manner.

    Plus you never know what you may find upon a second look in that long forgotten unit. Storage is a trending topic and in the past few years even inspired the creation of a popular TV series entitled Storage Wars where professional buyers enlist the help of a team and scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasures and valuable finds. Not to say this is guaranteed to happen in your case but you never know what goodies might exist in Grandma’s long discarded storage unit…

    Surprising Storage Units - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Periodic cleaning can yield surprising finds like the story from 2011 of a man who discovered the first ever edition of the original Action Comics #1 Superman Comic in a storage shed he purchased. Or A 1937 Bugatti 57S, found by a relative of a deceased man in an English storage garage in 2009. More commonly people unearth rare war memorabilia and prized stamp collections worth a pretty penny.

    Take a walk down memory lane and streamline your storage unit at the same time by periodically visiting and cleaning out your unit, and remember if you need help Jake’s Moving and Storage is just a quick phone call away.

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