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    Remodeling a room and updating design styles on a budget is tricky…

    With so many options to choose from and the threat that once you finally decide on a style motif the trends change feels overwhelming for most people.Every year when the season changes we at Jake’s moving are called in to help families move unwanted furniture pieces into storage facilities or carry out boxes of no longer useful items and dispose of them. But the saying goes, “One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and many of these unwanted items find new homes after being re-purposed.

    Thrift shop DIY projects are not only a fun and budget conscious activity but add a unique and creative spin to your space. Moving is a prime time for downsizing your possessions but it’s also a great time to reassess your personal style and introduce new finds into your home.
    Our staff at Jake’s Moving frequents the local branch of Habitat for Humanity where we often drop off unwanted junk items for our customers, but we are guilty of picking up a few choice finds ourselves.
    Below are just a few ideas for re-purposing thrift store finds and how to introduce them into your decorating scheme this year.


    1) Distress Grandma’s old desk

    Re-purposed Thrift Shop Finds - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Vintage desks are easy to come by at church flea markets, estate sales, and local second hand stores. Often made of solid and sturdy wood, the quality of the construction shines through and is definitely worth your money. Scrape off old paint, sand down the wood until the texture shows through and introduce a bold new color or rustic stain. Whatever your taste there’s nothing a few coats of paint can’t create!


    2) Picture this

    Re-purposed Thrift Shop Finds - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Picture frames can be re-purposed into a beautiful and creative feature for a living room or child’s room wall. Just get your hands on a bunch of frames and remove the pictures. Coat frames in metallic or matte finish paints and arrange them asymmetrically on a feature wall. In place of family portraits you can frame special keepsakes or inspirational messages.


    3) Broken drawers and knobs

    Re-purposed Thrift Shop Finds - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Collecting broken furniture might not sound like your idea of a good time and more like a job for our junk removal team but we promise you its a well kept secret! Discarded and broken drawers can be re-purposed as beautiful and creative wall hangings that double up as useful hooks for small items. Hang jackets off of old drawer knobs, and never misplace your keys again when they can easily be found in the drawer prominently displayed near the front door.

    Upbeat and funky, or old school and classy the world of design is limitless and Jake’s Moving and Storage team is constantly scouring the trends to report back on the best ones for our customers to follow. We love this web site for more re-purposing ideas!

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