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    The task of moving your business can seem overwhelming. At Jake’s Moving and Storage we want to ensure your business move goes as smoothly as possible and we’re here to offer some advice. Thankfully we know a number of tricks that can be used to make the transition as fast and stress-free as possible. Here are five of the best tips to relocating your business.

    1. Evaluate Your Business

    Go through everything in your office and conduct a thorough analysis of everything you own. After you’ll be able to decide what needs to be moved, in what order, and where it all needs to end up in the new location. Certain items, such as furniture needs to be moved sooner than other items and equipment necessary for day to day operations will have to stay in place until the day of the move.


    2. Make Lists

    In order to move your business efficiently, making a to-do list for each stage of your business moving process will ensure that nothing has been forgotten or overlooked. Start by making lists of each stage prior to the big move. Making lists for three months, two months, one month, two weeks, and one week before the move, and, of course, a list for the day of the move allows for a smooth move.

    This will help you break down the long list of to-dos into smaller steps, and also help you make sure that all major, time-sensitive tasks are dealt with long before moving day rolls around.

    4 Tips for Relocating Your Business - Jake's Moving and Storage

    3. Hire Professional Movers

    Hiring a professional business moving company like Jake’s Moving and Storage promises many great benefits. Most professional movers, such as ours, are licensed and insured, making them liable for any of your equipment that might be broken or damaged. We also provide our own trucks, equipment and moving team so that you don’t have to worry about collecting workers or supplies on your own.

    Jake’s Moving and Storage are a qualified business moving company in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Our teams are trained to be efficient, careful, and smart about packing and moving your belongings so that everything arrives at its new location safely and quickly.

    We can assemble and disassemble your office furniture for any business move. Let us take care of the work for you.

    4. Inform your Customers

    When you’ve confirmed your new location and new address you need to inform all your customers that you’re relocating your business to a new location. Send out email reminds, leave a notice on the front door, and put a notice on your website to give customers a heads-up about your location change. Order new business cards with your new address to give out to customers.

    We can all agree that moving can be a hassle. With Jake’s Moving & Storage we can guarantee reliable, honest, and stress-free moving in the DC Metropolitan area. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote and see how we can help you moving.

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