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    Considering a move to Silver Spring, MD? You’ll have plenty of stuff to do! Here’s the scoop on the best things to do in Silver Spring, MD.

    Silver Spring was discovered in 1840 by Francis Preston Blair, advisor to President Andrew Jackson. While the community has strong historical roots, today there are plenty of things to do in Silver Spring MD, no matter what your interests are.

    With so many options to choose from, we decided to narrow down a list of our top spots in Silver Spring, so you can make the most out of your trip.

    The Best Things to Do in Silver Spring MD

    Interested in trying Ethiopian Food, hanging out with skeletons, or visiting dead monkeys? You might not have guessed it, but Silver Spring is the home of a number of strange and exotic sites.

    Read on to learn more about what you can find on your next trip. You might find you love it so much you decide to move.

    Where to Stay

    Silver Spring has no shortage of stylish and affordable choices to choose from for your accommodation. We suggest checking out the Carriage Guest House that offers the rates of a basic hotel with the atmosphere of a chic boutique bed and breakfast.

    Where to Eat


    One of the most important things you’ll do in any location is to eat, and Silver Spring is no different. Many are surprised by the variety of restaurants here, from seafood to dumping bars, and the bold flavors. Check out local favorites like Mandalay Restaurant & Cafe for Burmese food, or try Ethiopian at Beteseb Restaurant & Market. There’s even Urban Butcher where you’ll find a selection of cheese, meats, and pates.

    Where to Drink

    Looking for a place to drink? Here alcohol is a craft and an experience all its own. Check out the German-inspired beer house Tuber Bierhaus to check out their wide beer selection and 20-tap system. If you’re looking to do a little wine tasting there’s Great Shoals Winery Tasting Room, with over 20 wines in production, vineyard tours, and unique hard ciders and wine to try.

    Where to Shop

    What’s a trip without a little shopping? Whether you’re stocking up on souvenirs or looking for a little something for yourself, you’ll love the boutiques and locally-owned shops. Shops like Bump ‘n Grind hold a Hipster appeal, with “try before you buy” vinyl records for sale, an in-house turntable, and small-batch roasted coffee. Looking for a lively shopping experience? Try the FreshFarm Downtown Silver Spring Market, with over 45 local farmers and vendors and a wide assortment of flowers, produce, meat, cheese, honey, and more.

    Where to Workout

    There’s no need to skip your workout just because you’re traveling. With the gorgeous weather in Silver Spring, we suggest taking your workout outdoors. Go for a run through Acorn Park or visit Silver Cycles to get custom fitted for a bike and shoes. There are plenty of scenic biking trails throughout the city, allowing you to combine your work out with sightseeing.

    Where to Learn

    It’s safe to say that the National Museum of Health and Medicine is one of the creepiest and coolest learning experiences in the country. Visit a collection of medical specimens including preserved conjoined twins, a giant human hairball, and the famous skeletons arranged by height and developmental stages. During your visit, be on the lookout for a mummified head on the shoulder of a young girl who died and was embalmed n the late 1800s using arsenic.

    Where to Get a Fright

    While it may not be the official setting for Stephen King’s 1989 horror film Pet Cemetary, Aspen Hill’s Pet Cemetery is known as the second-oldest pet cemetery in the country. Man’s best friend has been laid to rest here since the early 1920s. Now the cemetery is home to elaborate sculptures and markers dedicated to monkeys, goats, hamsters, frogs, goldfish, turtles, and of course cats and dogs.

    Where to Take a Date

    With so much to do and see it’s important to squeeze in some romantic time on your next trip to Silver Spring. There are plenty of interesting things to check out whether you’re a married couple or going out on your first date. Start with a visit to the AFI Silver Theatre where educators and artists from around the world have their work on display. You can sit in on film classes, check out the musical performances, and even the occasional interview. Then follow it up with drinks and appetizers at The Rooftop Bar & Lounge for a stunning view with an intimate setting.

    Where to Take the Kids

    Traveling with the kids? Fortunately, Silver Spring offers a wide variety of family friends sites and activities. If your kid is a fan of the giant, old-school trains take them to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station where they can play conductor for the day. You can also take a trip to the stunning Silver Spring Library where you’ll find floor-to-ceiling windows, cozy corners for reading, and even a 3-D printer! The library offers unique and fun lectures, classes, plays, and children’s activities every week, so be sure to stop by.

    Where to Catch a Show

    Any real music fan can tell you that a trip to The Fillmore to see a show is an item that should be on every bucket list! The concert hall has been around for over 40 years and has featured incredible performers including Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Guns ‘n Roses and many more.

    The iconic hall has recently undergone a renovation and can hold an audience of up to 2,000 people.

    Where to Find Inner Peace

    Looking for a slice of zen? No need to travel to Bali to get your Eat, Pray, Love on. Silver Spring is also home of the Wat Thai Buddhist Temple.

    When open to the public, the center teaches meditation and Buddhism to their many visitors who can come to share a cup of tea with a monk or walkthrough or simply visit for a tranquil and quiet space.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to Silver Springs

    With so many things to do in Silver Spring MD, it’s no surprise many turn their short trip into a permanent move! Like any transition, moves can be a challenge. However, with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be a headache.

    Explore our blog for professional tips on making the move.

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