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    Reducing your Eco footprint is of a high priority year round but especially during a move where the potential to create extra waste is quite high. Moving companies have all manner of tips and resources available for you when it comes to transitioning to a new space seamlessly but only we at Jake’s Moving provide you with ideas on how to reduce your wastes during this time.

    Rent Eco friendly moving boxes and reap the benefits! Green boxes allow you to reuse your moving boxes over and over again and come in three pre made sizes for convenience.Crush proof and easily stacked inside a moving truck green boxes allow you to ship more and heavier loads without fear of damage along the way. The best part is once you are finished with your boxes they are picked up, sanitized,and reused for other clients. Do yourself a favor and eliminate useless roles of packing tape and cardboard paper cuts and use green boxes instead.

    Take tally of what you already have to assist you in your move including rolling suitcases. It’s far easier to transport clothing in a suitcase or duffle bag than tons of boxes. Don’t worry about overloading the weight, our team at Jake’s Movers can easily handle heavy loads and guarantee to get your  goods to your new home in one piece. Extra Ziploc bags or shoe boxes are great tools for moving small but important items you don’t want to risk loosing. The more you can recycle materials already present in your home the more “green” your move to your new home will be. Avoid using Styrofoam packing peanuts and wrap delicate items inside clothing or linens to safeguard them. There are Eco friendly options available to purchase made of biodegradable plant products that are easily identifiable by their green color, although they cost a bit more the money you save by using a Jake’s Moving van will help balance your accounts.

    Before you begin to pack and ship declutter your home and haul to the dump what you no longer need. Our employees would be happy to help you sift through old refuse or storage rooms and disassemble furniture pieces if needed as well. Removing older appliances is a hassle but worthwhile, many Energystar appliances are on the market today for your convenience and do good for the environment. Reducing your electricity bill and your Eco-footprint at the same time will make you feel confident that your move is done in good conscience. Whether it’s a move across state lines, or across the street we understand at Jake’s Movers the stress a move can cause. Our experienced and friendly staff can help you along every step of the way, from helping with the packing to unpacking, shipping, or assembly of new furniture upon arrival.

    Create a space you feel comfortable in and that’s good for the environment and trust Jake’s Moving to be there beside you taking the stress and worry of relocating away.

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