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    Moving can add up and become a costly endeavor for even the most frugal individual. Between hiring a moving company, buying packing supplies, investing in a good cleaner and setting up new utilities your wallet can feel awful light by month’s end. We at Jake’s Moving and Storage understand the frustration of moving and the anxiety of costs that accompany it. Our company hires only the most professional and conscientious movers who are there to assist you every step of the way.  We have compiled a list of helpful money saving tips to keep in mind during and before your upcoming move.

    1)Time your move right

    Avoid moving at month’s end, when companies are likely overwhelmed by the number of job requests they have already. Our prices at Jake’s Moving are competitive and designed to give you the best value. While moving on off-peak days is generally cheaper our prices are consistent and cover all price ranges. Don’t skimp on quality and professional help in favor of saving a few dollars, you won’t be disappointed with Jake’s services.

    2) Lighten your load

    Don’t pack the unnecessary! Donate unwanted items, organize and clean before you move and don’t be afraid to put larger items in storage. Jake’s Moving and Storage can assist you with finding a storage company that suits your needs as well as transporting your items there on your behalf. We are comfortable with the heavy lifting and always have your best interest in mind. Our storage unit cleaning service can also help save you money! By eliminating old and unwanted items you forgot you even had you can streamline your move and ensure only the essentials come with you.

    3) Find free boxes

    Supermarkets and large chain stores often have tons of boxes they no longer have any use for and recycling items not only saves you money but saves the environment. Look at our past blog post on Green Moving for more environmentally friendly moving ideas. Here at Jake’s we gladly supply you with all the packing supplies you may need including boxes and safety wrap. That being said you can also lower your costs by wrapping delicate items in clothing or old newspapers. Trust a dedicated mover to handle your possessions with care and caution no matter how they are packed.

    4) Claim Expenses

    If you are moving for work  a distance greater than 50 miles you can claim your moving expenses on your next tax return. Transporting your possessions, moving and storage costs, and even property insurance may be deductible. Our company provides both out of state and long distance moving vehicles. For student moves, families, and young professionals we cater to all needs. Moving within a city but still for a new job may still allow you claims on your next return.

    Jake’s Moving and Storage is happy to be your first and only choice for Moving in the DC area and offers the best prices and service you can hope for. Take a look at our moving tips section to find more tips to make your transition to a new home even easier.


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