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    Recently, we published a blog on Student Moving 101 where we offered some valuable, basic tips for how to tackle student moving. In this post, we will go a step further…


     Are You Packing For College All Wrong? Check Out Our Guide To Student Moving And What Not To Bring

    We can all agree…

    The Eye-Opening Truth About Student Moving And What Not To Bring - Jake's Moving and Storage

    It is unbelievably easy to get carried away and overpack, especially when you are away from home for the first time. In an effort to make the packing process a bit easier, this post will discuss all the things you should not bring with you.

    The dos and don’ts will vary depending on if you are moving into a dorm room or an apartment / house off campus. For this reason, will also break down what may be ok in an apartment, but not in a dorm room.


    Eliminate Stress With The Expert’s Tips For Student Moving Dont’s



    The Sad Reality About Bringing Pets To School

    The Eye-Opening Truth About Student Moving And What Not To Bring - Jake's Moving and Storage


    With the exception of service animals, pets of any kind are a big no-no in almost any dorm room. Some schools may allow fish or other small aquatic animals, but keep in mind that these animals tend to produce a not so pleasant smell.

    It may be better to leave your pet fish at home if someone is willing to take care of them in your absence.



    Many apartments do permit pets but make sure to confirm with your landlord if your particular pet is allowed. Plus, make sure your roommate is ok with the situation. If you do choose to bring a pet such as a dog or a cat with you, make sure you have the time to properly look after the animal. No matter how much you want to bring fluffy with you, it might not be so practical with your busy schedule.

    In both cases, be aware that bringing a pet to school means, you will need to move a lot more items such as a litter box, aquarium, travel crate and anything else your pet might need.


    What You Need To Know About Moving Furniture

    The Eye-Opening Truth About Student Moving And What Not To Bring - Jake's Moving and Storage


    The majority of dorm rooms come equipped with the essentials such as a bed, desk and closet space. If you are allowed to bring extra furniture, double check the size of your room as well as the entry way. You don’t want to lug a heavy trunk all the way to school only to find out that it won’t fit through the doorway.



    Find out what your lease includes before you purchase or pack up any furniture for your new off-campus home. Keep in mind that most dorms and apartment building strictly prohibit waterbeds. If you’ve got one, leave it at home. If you are allowed to bring a waterbed you may want help from experts to safely move everything.[

    Extra Items You May Want To Pack, But Shouldn’t

    There are plenty of other items that might be ok to bring to an apartment but are almost always forbidden in a dorm room.

    • Coffeemakers
    • Hot Plates
    • Gas Lamps
    • Space Heaters / Air Conditioners
    • Concert speakers
    • Decorations (anything that leaves holes in the walls is usually not ok)

    How To Make Student Moving Easier

    Clearly, moving to off-campus housing can be much more daunting than moving into a dorm room. Either Way, to avoid unnecessary hassle and stress, you may want to consider hiring a professional moving company that can take care of all the heavy lifting, furniture assembly and so on.

    One last thing…

    Keep in mind that every dorm and apartment building has different rules and specifications. Be sure to double check with your Resident Advisor or Landlord for your specific guidelines.

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