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    Student move in dates can often be stressful, high pressure situations where you can face competition for parking spaces, and utilities appointments. The transition from a parents house to a dormitory or individual apartment can be hard enough without the additional headaches that accompany a big move. Luckily the expert movers at Jake’s Moving and Storage have created a guideline of helpful tips for student moves to eliminate pressures and make sure this exciting time is met with just that…excitement! Take a look below to see what we recommend for creating the best move in experience.

    1.Scope out your new living space
    Before you prepare to move ensure you know what things are waiting for you upon your arrival. Are there dishes? Appliances? One couch or two? Being prepared in advance can help you decide what to pack and eliminates any excess that may take up valuable space. You can always bring missing appliances or pieces of furniture later on but on move in day your key phrase to keep in mind is “Less is more!”

    2. Know the Rules
    If you are moving into a dormitory it is likely to be a crowded and busy day with students competing for elevator space and parking rights. Read through the introductory material provided by your college so you know when and where you should go day of. There is a possibility you may be required to check in at your dorm before you start unloading your belongings so make sure you have a friend to wait with the moving truck while you do this. Double check parking restrictions, noise restrictions, and expectations regarding your new rental before hand so on the day of your big move you aren’t facing any unexpected surprises.
    3. Take Pictures and create an inventory
    Once you have found a place you’d like to move into the process of contracts, deposits, and paperwork follows suit. Once you’ve paid your security deposit and understand the implications, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to ensure you will get it back upon your move out.
    Once you’ve checked that your deposit is protected, put in the work to make sure that you get it back when you move out. To do that, make sure you look thoroughly at the property when you move in and create an inventory of existing damages and take pictures to accompany.

    It’s also important that you make sure the property is safe and outfitted with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and sturdy locks on exterior doors. It is also in your best interest to have your tenancy agreement checked over by the student union, or even your Citizens Advice Bureau to protect your investment.

    4. Avoid moving rush hour
    If you’re able to, then moving into your new space in the middle of the week instead of on the weekend when everyone else will be moving in can save you time and headache. Hauling boxes and furniture with the help of an organized and responsible mover like those from Jake’s Moving and Storage is a good idea for settling into your new digs quickly.

    5. Save the personal touches for the end
    Hanging posters, pictures and other decorations might seem like the most important thing to do, but saving it until the end will actually help you more than you know. Getting big appliances and furniture in place immediately allows for a better understanding of your needs once in the apartment. Start with your big items and work your way down to the small details that will transform your space into your new home.

    Jake’s Moving in Storage is always here to help during and after a move to ensure you are completely satisfied with your transition. We understand the stresses and worries that can accompany a move, especially for students who may be nervous about taking such a huge independent step. Consulting our tips section is a good first step to a successful and fun moving experience!

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