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    Moving in Summer versus moving in Winter

    Switching apartments or moving your business? This may or may not be the ideal time to decide to move your belongings. Moving in the Summer has pluses and minuses. Let us explain the ins and outs of moving during the summer versus the winter.

    The Summertime is a great time to move because you’ve probably done all of your Spring cleaning and thrown away all those items you no longer want or need. Your list of belongings is probably smaller if you’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff. In the end you’ll save money with a moving company because you’ll have a lighter load.

    College students are moving out of apartments and moving back home during the Summer so apartment availability can be higher. During the Summer there is a largest selection of apartments to choose from. One thing to note however, is that rent prices in Summer is always higher than in the Winter.

    Scheduling the perfect time:

    While the winter is slower and allows for greater scheduling flexibility, holidays can interfere with your moving plans. Don’t forget to consider that it gets darker sooner in the winter, cutting the moving workday shorter, and sometimes resulting in a 1-day summer move being a 2-day winter move. Which could cost you twice as much. Jake’s Moving and Storage, however, will not let that happen. Another tip to increase your booking flexibility is to choose the middle of a month, as many people choose to move at the beginning or end.

    Summer Heat versus Winter Cold:

    If you have delicate items that are sensitive to heat and cold like antiques, candles, musical instruments, and some types of glass, it may be difficult to decide which season is better to move in. Typically musical instruments, glass items, and some antiques do better in a mild/warmer environment.

    Summer Move or Winter Move? - Jake's Moving and Storage


    If you have a time sensitive move, moving during the winter months can present a moving challenge. Most of the winter you have to deal with ice-covered walkways, driveways that need to be shoveled, and treacherous road conditions if you live in an area with a lot of snow like Maryland. While quick and efficient moves like Jake’s Moving and Storage are a top priority, we’ll never put our workers or drivers at risk and will always put their safety first.

    The Bottom line:

    If you are looking for the greatest chance at having a smooth moving experience without weather obstacles or delays, the spring and summer months are the most promising.

    Jake’s Moving will guarantee that no matter which season you decide to move in, we’ll make your packing and moving process as easy as possible. We’ll take out the hard work so that you won’t have to.

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