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    Movers in Ashburn, VA – Jake’s Moving and Storage

    Knowledgeable Movers in Ashburn, Virginia

    Contact Jake’s Moving & Storage Today at (301) 424-1410

    Ashburn VA Student Moving Service

    If you’re looking for a superior group of Loudoun County, VA Movers in Ashburn, Virginia, all of us at Jake’s Moving and Storage will be able to provide you with high quality moving services that are unparalleled. For the past decade, we’ve been proudly helping people with their moving and storage needs all through Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia. We have the persistence for excellence and impressive skills necessary to make your upcoming move a hassle-free one.

    What To Look For In An Expert Moving Service In Ashburn, VA

    For starters, let’s discuss benefits to consider in an established moving company. Regardless of whether you’re in search of a local mover or an interstate moving service, expect from Jake’s:

    • expert movers and packers that specialize in unpacking and packing to make certain each and every possession of yours makes it to its destination securely
    • quick and straightforward service
    • a moving company that employs up front prices so that you can know how much your move will cost you and can plan appropriately, with no hidden extras or surprises at the end
    • reliable, dependable service
    • a company that is bonded, insured, and licensed

    Services by Jake’s in Ashburn, Virginia

    Our complete range of services includes local, long distance, and in-house moves. We are able to come and load your pre-packed possessions and transport them safely to your destination, or we can easily have our pro movers pack your possessions. Regardless of your needs, big or small, we’re available to take care of your future move.

    We offer the following services:

    We can help you relocate up a few blocks, within the same city, within Virginia, or across the country!

    Why Select Us?

    Our company is local and family run. Pleasing our clients is something our staff has a vested interest in. Jake’s Moving and Storage is insured, licensed, and bonded. Our staff has a proven track record. Our educated industry professionals are familiar with the intricate details of relocating. We have:

    • Flat Rate, Up Front Prices
    • Over a Decade of Practical Experience in the Field
    • Seasoned, Dependable Staff
    • Zero Surprise Fees
    • Responsible Drivers
    • Honesty

    Our skilled movers have experience in moving and packing and know how to get your possessions from point A to point B safely and quickly. Situated in Potomac MD, we’re the premium professional movers in Ashburn, VA. And we serve the whole VA, MD, DC region and also bordering areas.

    Flat-Rate Pricing

    We are proud of our affordable rates and employ a flat-rate policy without any unpleasant surprises. Our flat rate movers will provide you with up front quotes depending on the amount of products you would like moved. We estimate the number of hours it may take to pack and process your possessions in order to work out an acceptable rate. Prices are based upon a minimum amount of three hours of labor and 1 hour travel time; however, fees vary for small jobs or internal moves. Contact Jake’s Moving and Storage for further information.

    Main Reasons Why Jake’s Is A Cut Above The Rest

    We’re a high quality moving service in Ashburn, VA. You, the customer, are the reason behind our business, and it is for this reason that we use your happiness as the measure of our goals. Pleasing customers is what we do. Our aim is for you to be pleased every step of the way; after all, you are trusting us with your valued items. We value your trust. We want to ease you into your transition and make your move as comfortable, easy, and stress-free as possible.

    We’re a family-run business and we have about ten years of experience in moving our clients nearby or across the country. Our company is a leader in the field. We take great pride in our efficient, warm and friendly service. Our track record matters most to all of us, which describes why it is so important to us to make your relocation successful. We assure that your valuables are packed securely, on time, and that you are treated right from beginning to end.

    At Jake’s Moving and Storage, we have gathered a knowledgeable team of certified movers in Ashburn, Virginia. Please contact us for unbeatable experienced storage and moving services throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Our local Ashburn, VA movers can carry out numerous services and can always work with the customer to oblige any special requirements or requests. Our prices are affordable and transparent, so you never need to worry about surprise fees. Should you have a forthcoming move and require assistance with furniture (dis)assembly, junk pick-up, (un)packing, and most importantly, moving itself, call Jake’s Moving & Storage as soon as possible!


    Jake’s Moving and Storage in Ashburn, Virginia – Contact Us Anytime If You’re Seeking Expert Ashburn, VA Moving Service

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