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    Are you planning to self-store items in Rockville, MD? Make sure you prepare and pack your possessions correctly with our handy list of self-storage tips.

    Having the ability to store your extra items in a storage facility is incredibly handy. It helps you better organize your home while still allowing you to keep everything you use and love.

    But if you don’t pack those items well, there could be some problems. To ensure your beloved treasures last a long time, here are eight essential self-storage tips.

    1. Organize Your Items

    People use storage facilities for a lot of different reasons. But at some point, you’re going to need access to those items.

    These self-storage tips are useless unless you can find everything you’ve stored quickly and easily. Before you pack anything, organize your items.

    Place your clothing together. Your kitchen items should be stored together. But it goes further than that.

    After all your items have been placed in their storage boxes, place storage items that have similar items close to or on top of one another. Any items you need to access a lot should be placed at the front of the storage area.

    Items that you won’t need access to at all or less often can be placed further away. Items that are seasonal should definitely be placed in the front. That way, you can find your Christmas lights and spend your time hanging them up rather than searching for which box you placed them in.

    2. Label Everything Properly


    8 Essential Self Storage Tips in Rockville MD - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Well organized boxes are great, but this list of self-storage tips wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention labeling everything well. Most of us won’t remember what exactly is in each box unless we place a label on it.

    Don’t forget to make a master list and keep it in a place where you can easily find it. Number each box and list each item that is in the box.

    Then put the corresponding number on each box. Make sure to label them with large letters and numbers. Mark each side and the top as well. The easier you make it for yourself to find everything you need, the more likely you are to actually use the items you’re storing.

    3. Use These Items to Keep Bugs Away

    Bugs can ruin your precious items forever. They can eat your clothing or leave huge holes in them. They can also leave their droppings, leaving you with a horrible, stinky mess.

    If you’re worried about bugs or rodents, don’t be afraid to leave traps in your storage space. But another quick and easy way to keep bugs and vermin at bay is to leave dryer sheets in the corners.

    The smell will make them stay away. Meanwhile, you’ll love how fresh everything smells. Canvas drop cloths on the floors and walls also help keep bugs away. They’re more absorbent and resilient than plastic.

    And don’t forget to empty your vacuum cleaner first. They’ll be attracted to whatever is left in there.

    4. Don’t Overload Your Boxes

    These self-storage tips aren’t just about keeping your belongings safe. We can about your health and safety as well.

    Which is why we’re asking you not to overload your boxes. We don’t want you to injure yourself. Even if you hire a heavy item moving service, we don’t want them to be injured because a box fell apart on them.

    If your boxes are straining at the sides, it’s a sign you’ve overpacked them. Make sure your boxes are square and flat. Also, don’t leave your boxes half empty.

    Your valuables are important. Overpacking a box can cause them damage or cause the box to break apart. Under packing means they’re vulnerable to being tossed around.

    5. Fold Your Clothing Properly to Save Space

    8 Essential Self Storage Tips in Rockville MD - Jake's Moving and Storage

    There is a right way to fold your clothing and a wrong way. There are also wrong and right ways to store your clothing.

    To maximize your storage space, try folding your clothing in a rectangle. Then store them horizontally versus vertically. You will save up to 50% more space by folding them this way.

    You’ll also ensure that your items will last longer. Don’t fold your socks into each other. You’ll only stretch one of them out. Instead, simply fold them in half and store horizontally.

    By storing your clothing horizontally, you’ll also be able to easily see exactly what you have in each box. Our self-storage tips can also be used for the items you plan on keeping at home in your drawers.

    6. Eliminate Moisture

    Moisture will ruin your clothing just as badly as a bug infestation will. Except instead of droppings, everything will smell like mildew. Not a pleasant smell and it’s tough, if not impossible to get out.

    If your storage unit isn’t climate controlled avoid using cardboard boxes if you’re planning on using the space for long-term storage. Try plastic boxes with air-tight lids instead.

    Placing charcoal in a saucepan will absorb the moisture. Allow for ventilation by not overstuffing your storage space. If possible, leave some space between the wall and your items.

    If you’re planning on storing appliances like a washing machine that typically use water, wipe the insides with baking soda. That will remove any traces of water.

    7. Ways to Protect Your Items

    This is one of our favorite self-storage tips because bubble wrap is fun to play with. But it’s also incredibly useful to help you protect your valuable and delicate items.

    Use as much as possible and properly wrap each breakable item in bubble wrap. Don’t allow for too much space within the boxes or they’ll move around too much.

    If you have electronics you need to store, make sure the storage space won’t get below freezing. Subzero temperatures can wipe out your hard drive. It will also ruin other electronics like your tv. If it’s unavoidable, wrap your electronics in blankets to keep them warm.

    Gravity will have a field day with your mattresses if you leave them standing. You’ll end up with the padding all on one side. Instead, leave them lying flat to make sure they’re still usable.

    8. These Self Storage Tips Won’t Be as Helpful if You Don’t Clean Everything First

    Clean everything before you place them into storage. Especially if you plan on storing them for a while. Don’t forget to include appliances you’re planning on storing.

    Dirt can easily turn into mold. And don’t pack anything that is damp. That will cause mildew.

    Let the Professionals Do It

    Save yourself some time by calling in the professionals. We can help pack, unpack, and move everything whenever and wherever you need it.

    But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our testimonials.

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