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    Don’t Let The Stress Of Moving Keep You From Enjoying Your New Home

    What if you could open the door to your new house or apartment and start feeling at home right away?

    Well, you can! Not only are we your local moving and storage experts, but we are your go-to guide for the most useful moving tips ever! In this post, we have compiled a list of ten amazingly effective and simple ways to love your new home, despite all the stress of moving. And, these tips apply to anyone whether you are moving on your own, with a huge family, or if you are moving in with your significant other for the first time.


    # 1. Get Organized In Advance

    The trick to making moving and packing easier is simple, Get organized! Make checklists so you don’t forget anything and label absolutely everything.

    We suggest:

    Before you move, decide what items you will want immediately. Make sure the boxes are clearly marked. And, let your movers know which boxes you would like to have easy access to in your new home.


     # 2. Don’t Bring Old Junk To Your New Home

    10 Secrets To Enjoying Your New Home Immediately - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Get Junk Removal Services From Jake’s Moving and Storage[/caption]

    We’ve all done it…

    It can be very tempting when you are packing up your old stuff to just throw everything in a box. You tell yourself that you will go through it all as you unpack.

    In reality

    You will be even more exhausted after you move. The majority of us will keep procrastinating and before you know it, your new home will be covered in junk that you don’t want. Do yourself a favor get rid of all of your junk before you move. Trust us! This will save you a ton of time and you will be able to enjoy your new home faster.


    # 3. Make Your Bed

    You won’t believe how frustrating it is to spend all day unpacking and organizing your new home and just when you about to collapse from exhaustion,  you realize you still have to make your bed.

    Think about it, make this one of the very first things you do and no matter what time you are ready to hit the sack, all you will have to do is lay down and close your eyes.


    # 4. Clean Up Your New Place

    10 Secrets To Enjoying Your New Home Immediately - Jake's Moving and Storage

    We get it, you just cleaned your old place and you’re not in the mood to clean again. On the other hand, you don’t want to start unpacking surrounded but a bunch of dirt and grime.

    That said

    Don’t go overboard, but spend a little time tidying up and you won’t regret it. Even if you take a few minutes to sweep the floor and dust the shelves, you will feel much more at home and unpacking will be less of a hassle.

    # 5. Get Food

    For most people, food is a great source of comfort. You may not be ready to cook a 5-star meal your first night in your new place, but don’t leave your fridge completely empty either.

    Find a grocery store nearby and pick up a few of the basics, including something for breakfast. Pick up a bottle of wine and toast to your new home, and pick up some comfort food that will help you relax after a very long day.

    # 6. Set Up Some Entertainment

    10 Secrets To Enjoying Your New Home Immediately - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Let’s face it, most of us can’t go too long without the internet. One of the best ways to start enjoying your new home from the start is to set up your internet in advance.

    Here’s how

    Before you move, find out who your local cable and internet provider will be. Nowadays, most companies can arrange to have everything all set for your move-in date. All you have to do is let them know when.

    Wait there’s more

    I personally have the tv on all the time. So if I moved into my new home and the cable wasn’t hooked up, there is no way I would feel at home. Not everyone likes to watch tv but maybe you feel similarly about music. In that case, make sure you have access to your music (remember tip # 1) from the moment you get inside.

    Bottom line, whatever you prefer, one of the most surefire ways to feel at home quickly is to get your entertainment needs set up in advance.


    # 7. Unpack Some Pictures

    Don’t start hanging things just yet, as you may need to take some time to determine the best spot for everything.

    That said, do take out one or two family pictures to place against the wall. This may not seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised at the calming effects of simply looking at a friendly face can be.


    # 8. Set Up The Bathroom

    10 Secrets To Enjoying Your New Home Immediately - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Most likely, you are going to need a good shower after a long day of moving and unpacking. Again, clearly mark your bathroom stuff and get the essentials organized right away.

    Not only that, if you need to get up early the next morning and get the kids to school or go to work, you will have a much easier time if your bathroom is all ready to go.


    # 9. Invite Friends Over

    If you have friends in the area, ask them to stop by. They might be willing to help you organize a bit. Or if they are really nice, they might help watch the kids while you take care of business.

    But that’s just part of it.

    Just like looking at pictures of friendly faces to help feel at ease, even better will be enjoying the company of those close to you.

    What if you don’t know anyone?

    If you have moved long-distance and don’t know a single sole, this is a great time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. You don’t need to bring them baked goods or anything like that. Even a simple hello and you will instantly feel more comfortable knowing your neighbor’s names. If you are just too overwhelmed to deal with anyone, then we suggest inviting a few people over within the first month after you move. This will help motivate you to get organized. 


    # 10. Pick One Room And Make It A Priority

    10 Secrets To Enjoying Your New Home Immediately - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Just remember…

    You don’t have to do everything right away. It takes time to really get settled in a new place. But one great tip to really help you start enjoying your new home faster is to pick one room to make exactly how you want it.

    You see

    We all have one place where we feel the most comfortable. Whether it is your kitchen, your bedroom, the living room or even a workroom in the garage, make this one space a priority. Once you get this place set up, you will immediately feel more at home and the rest will fall into place.



    We hope you enjoyed our tips to feel more at home in your new home! If you’re planning to move or need storage service of any kind, be sure to check out our website at

    Our licensed movers handle everything from packing services, heavy lifting, furniture assembly and everything else you might need for your next move.

    Oh, and one last thing, don’t forget to arrange to have your vehicles transported to your new home in advance. That way, you will have an easier time getting around your new town.

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