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    Like many people, you have probably wondered:

    Why would someone ever need car transport or shipping services?

    But now, you are getting ready to move and you are beginning to wonder if maybe you could use reliable auto transport services after all.

    Don’t panic! We are Jake’s Moving and Storage, here to clear up any confusion and share with you more of our expert moving tips.

    More specifically, as your top movers in Maryland, DC and Virginia, we will break down the most common reasons why people request our vehicle transport solutions.

    You Probably Need Auto Transport Services If…

    You Have To Move With Multiple Cars And Don’t Want To Drive Alone

    The Top Reasons Why People Get Auto Transport Services – And You Should Too - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Picture this:

    You are moving across the country with your family of four, your spouse and you each have a car and your oldest son just got his first car. You decide to turn the big move into a family vacation except, you don’t want to have to all drive in three separate cars. And who could blame you!

    The solution:

    Pick one car to all drive in together and let us transport the rest. Not only that, we can store your vehicles for you at your final destination until you arrive. So, if your kids are upsetting about leaving their friends and moving to a new state, you can help make the transition a bit smoother by enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime family road trip. You won’t have any added stress worrying about your vehicles arriving at your new home. And this is one surefire way to start enjoying your new home quicker.

    You Are Heading South For The Winter

    Did you know that there is a name for those that migrate to Florida during the colder months?

    They are known as Snowbirds and if you have decided to join this movement, you will definitely love all the benefits of having your car shipped.

    Think about it…

    There is no need to spend hours, or even days driving to your destination when you can simply fly there and have your car waiting for you at your winter retreat. And of course, we can have your car waiting for you when you return back north for the summer.

    Bonus moving tip: To make moving even easier, consider taking advantage of our expert packing services! 

    To sum up:

    We know it can seem like a daunting task. After all, there are so many rules and confusing moving lingo to figure out when having your vehicle shipped across state lines. But not to worry, you can always count on the team at Jake’s Moving and Storage to take care of everything for you, including all of your auto transport and shipping needs!

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