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    So You’ve Decided To Use Professional Packing Services For Your Big Move – Here’s What You Need To Know To Ensure Things Go Smoothly


    We can all agree that one of the most stressful aspects of moving in the process of packing up all your belongings. So, you decided to avoid the hassle and use professional packing services.

    First things first:

    Give us a call! We are Jake’s Moving and Storage, your top local movers in MD, DC, and VA and we have years of experience providing expert packing services for local and long distance moves.

    Still debating if you should use professional packers or not? Consider this:


    Benefits Of Hiring Movers To Pack For You

    • You won’t need to worry about getting all the necessary packing materials
    • You will save a ton of time
    • Removing packing from your to-do list will cut down on stress
    • With a licensed company, your valuables are protected
    • Professional movers have the experience and knowledge to pack your delicate items properly
    • Professional movers have the skills and equipment to safely pack and move large and heavy items

    Not to mention, professional packers are basically essential if you are dealing with moving at the last minute. 

    But enough about us, there are few things you should know to prepare for your professional packing services that will help make moving a whole lot easier.

    Get Ready For Your Professional Packing Services With These Simple Steps

    It’s true, our packing services will take care of just about everything for you. But, there are still a few things you will need to do in advance that will make everything easier for the movers and for you.

    Step 1. Dump Your Junk

    Some people think that it will be easier to just pack up everything they own and go through it after they move.

    Don’t do it!

    The truth is, by getting rid of all your junk in advance there will be less to pack and you will be able to start enjoying your new home immediately. You can have a yard sale, make donations, or simply use our junk removal services. Basically, get rid of what you don’t want and don’t waste time packing up old junk.

    Step 2. Set Stuff Aside

    It is important to designate an area of your home (a whole room if possible) for items that your packers should not pack.

    The reason is:

    There are some items that your professional packers will not be moving for you and you don’t want to risk getting these items mixed up with the rest of your belongings. If you read our post about common household items that make moving easier, you should have plenty of markers on hand. So, it’s also a good idea to mark specific items or boxes as “Do Not Pack” just to be safe.

    Typical items that should be designated as “Do Not Pack” include:

    5 Important Steps To Prepare For Professional Packing Services - Jake's Moving and Storage

    • Hazardous items: These include flammable materials and chemicals (check with your movers for a list of prohibited items)
    • Perishable items: Put aside or finish up any frozen food and anything that needs to be refrigerated
    • House Plants: These are also your responsibility to transport
    • Every day and important items: Put aside any essential items you will need immediately or at a moment’s notice such as medicine, important documents, phone chargers, etc…
    • Carry-ons: Prepare a bag of additional essentials that you will need for your first few nights in your new home so you won’t have to search through everything right away (some examples include a towel, plastic dishware, favorite book, etc…)

    To be honest, failing to set important items aside is one of the most common moving mistakes that many people make.


    Step 3. Take Inventory

    When preparing for you professional packing services, document everything.

    That means:

    Make a list of all your belongings that your packers will be handling. There are some great free home inventory apps that make it easier than ever to keep track of everything when you move. We also suggest taking pictures of your property for extra insurance.

    That’s not all:

    By having a detailed list of all your possessions, it will be much easier to get organized after you move. For example, document all of your electronics and take photos of which power cables belong to which appliances to avoid confusion later.

    And don’t forget, we also provide unpacking services when you reach your new home!


    Step 4. Call A Family Meeting

    5 Important Steps To Prepare For Professional Packing Services - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Before the big day, sit down with the entire family and go over everything. This is important to ensure that your move goes smoothly and that everyone stays safe during the whole process.

    We suggest:

    Assign jobs to each family member for the day of the move. Have your oldest child be in charge of their younger siblings and if you have a pet, assign one of your children to make sure your furry friends are out of the way while your packers are working.


    Step 5. Communicate With Your Packers And Movers

    Make sure everyone knows what time your packers will arrive and be available to greet them.

    When you’re packing pros arrive, take some time to show them around and explain where everything is. Make sure they know which items you have set aside and labeled as “Do Not Pack” and take some time to go over any questions you may have.

    Bonus Moving Tip: Understanding typical moving lingo will make moving easier.

    In the end:

    Hiring packing pros is a surefire way to make moving easier. And if you follow our 5 steps to prepare for professional packing services you are sure to enjoy a less stressful and much quicker moving experience.

    Contact Jake’s Moving and Storage to learn more about our white glove moving and storage services and request a free quote. And don’t forget to check out our blog for more helpful moving tips!

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