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    There are 5 common moving mistakes that are incredibly easy to avoid!

    But we’ll get to those in a moment.

    First, it’s important to find the right moving company to meet your needs. When you choose Jake’s Moving and Storage, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the hands of the top movers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. And thanks to our years of experience as professional movers and packers, we’ve identified the most common moving mistakes that people make.

    In order to make moving easier, keep reading!


    Stress Less By Avoiding The 5 Most Common Moving Mistakes


    Mistake # 1: Not Making A Checklist

    One of the most common moving mistakes that people make is not making a to-do list. Even if you are moving at the last minute, making a checklist will ensure that you don’t forget important steps.

    For example:

    You may need to arrange auto transport services to get one or more of your vehicles to your new place. This is an important service that could easily be forgotten if you don’t have a checklist to keep track of everything.

    Check out this simple moving checklist to help make moving easier!


    Mistake # 2: Failing To Organizing Important Documents And Records In Advance

    Don’t Make These Common Moving Mistakes - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Whether you are moving with your family to a new home or relocating your business, if you don’t organize important documents in advance, you are likely to experience a lot of stressful problems when you move.

    Important documents to get together before you move include:

    • Medical records from your family physician
    • School records for children
    • Any records you have for your pets
    • Copies of your driver’s licenses, credit cards, passports, birth certificates, etc…
    • List of important phone numbers in case anything happens to your phone during the move
    • Car registration and insurance records
    • Copies of bank records and mortgage records for your old and new properties.
    • Lists of service providers at your old and new properties (internet/cable providers, electric company, etc…)

    Trust us, in the event that anything gets lost or misplaced during your move, you will be glad to have easy access to these important documents.

    And to make things even easier, we suggest getting to know some basic moving lingo!


    Mistake # 3: Deciding Not To Getting Rid Of Junk In Advance

    Many people make the common moving mistake of deciding to pack up and move all of their belongings and sort through things after they move.

    Don’t do it!

    To start with, getting settled in your new place will be much easier when you don’t have extra junk to unpack. Plus, whether you are using professional packing services or not, packing will be a whole lot easier after you clear out old stuff you no longer want.


    Mistake # 4: Not Separating Essentials

    Don’t Make These Common Moving Mistakes - Jake's Moving and Storage

    No matter how organized you are for your big move, don’t forget to pack up a bag or box of essentials that you can have easy access to on the day of your move.

    Such essentials include:

    • Important documents (as mentioned in Mistake #2)
    • Medications (both regular pain relievers and any important medications taken on a regular basis)
    • A favorite toy for your children to keep them occupied
    • Toiletries
    • Chargers for your devices

    The easiest way to decide what to set aside is to pretend you are packing for a weekend at a hotel. If you don’t think you can survive without it for a couple nights, set it aside and keep it handy.


    Mistake # 5: Forgetting To Forward Your Mail In Advance

    If you’ve been following our moving tips, you probably made the wise decision to organize a checklist. This list should include getting your mail forwarded to your new home. But, this is so important, we felt it was worth listing again.

    Don’t Make These Common Moving Mistakes - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Not only that:

    Don’t forget to register your children for their new school, confirm with your employer any time you will need to take off, contact your new local service providers, and so on.

    Simply put, the more you can take care of before you move, the easier it will be to get settled in your new home.

    We get it, there are so many things to think about when moving. But, with so many great moving apps available today combined with the white glove moving services by Jake’s, moving doesn’t have to be so stressful.

    Just don’t forget to avoid these common moving mistakes and be sure check out our blog for more awesome moving tips!

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