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    Movers in Dungannon, VA – Jake’s Moving and Storage

    Your Neighborhood Movers in Dungannon, Virginia

    Give Jake’s Moving & Storage A Call Today at (301) 424-1410

    Office Moving Services in Dungannon, VA

    Getting ready for a move might be challenging, and it could put a large amount of stress on your household. Bothering with the certification of your moving company shouldn’t be weighing on your mind. Since of course, you don’t just want to employ a moving company but a partner. You want Scott County, VA Movers that you can depend on with everything from your mother’s silverware to your antique painting. Jake’s Moving and Storage is that partner. We’re the first-class moving service in Dungannon, Virginia and deliver excellent, expert moving services with flat rate prices.

    What To Expect From A Reliable Moving Service In Dungannon, Virginia

    To start with, let’s review characteristics to look for in an established moving service. Whether you are looking for a mover for long distances or an intrastate mover, you can anticipate from Jake’s Moving & Storage:

    • professional and courteous service
    • certified movers and packers
    • a moving company that offers you respected, dependable service
    • a company that offers up front prices to make sure you anticipate how much your move will cost and can plan keeping that in mind, together with no hidden extras
    • a company that’s insured, licensed, and bonded

    Reasons Why You Can Rely Upon Jake’s Moving and Storage

    We are family-owned and local to the area. Comforting our clients is one thing our packers and movers have a vested interest in. Our popularity speaks for itself. Jake’s Moving & Storage is licensed, bonded, and insured. We’ve got a good track record. Our knowledgeable industry professionals are aware of the intricate details of relocating. We have:

    • No Hidden Charges
    • Integrity
    • Dependable Drivers
    • Knowledgeable, Friendly Movers and Packers
    • Well-Trained Employees
    • Flat Rate, Up Front Pricing

    Our certified movers are experts in moving and are able to transfer your items from one place to another properly and quickly. Headquartered in Potomac MD, we’re the most highly qualified movers in Dungannon, Scott County, VA. And we service the complete VA, MD, DC area and neighboring locations.

    Reasons Why Jake’s Is A Cut Above The Rest

    We’re reliable movers in Dungannon, VA. You, the customer, are the reason behind our business, and it’s on that basis that we use your happiness as the measure of our goals. Pleasing customers is what we strive for. Our aim is for you to be satisfied every step of the way; after all, you are trusting us with your prized possessions. We value your trust. It’s our goal to ease you into your transition and make your move as simple and stress-free as possible.

    We’re a family-owned business with ten years of experience in relocating people hundreds of miles away or nearby. Our company is a leader in the field. We take great pride in our fast, helpful service. Our track record matters most to all of us, which describes why it’s extremely important to us to make your move as smooth as possible. We assure that your belongings are packed safely and securely, on time, and that you are taken care of properly from start to finish.

    We try to develop an excellent experience with our team since we aren’t just focusing on developing a business, but it’s our goal to construct and maintain connections with our community. We do not just operate in this area; we live here as well. Our clients are not only partners but our neighbors.

    Our Services in Dungannon, Virginia

    Our full range of professional services includes interstate, local, and in-house moves. We’re able to come and pick up your pre-packed valuable and transport them carefully to your new location, or we can easily have our experienced packers and movers come in and pack up your belongings. No matter your needs, small or large, we are ready to take care of your future move.

    Our services can include:

    We can help you relocate up the block, within the same city, to another part of the state, or across the country!

    Our Fees

    We offer competitive rates and follow a flat-rate policy without any hidden costs. Our flat rate movers will present you with up-front quotes based on the amount of items you need moved. We assess the total number of hours it should take to (un)pack and process your belongings in order to work out a decent rate. Pricing is based upon a minimum of three hours of labor and 1 hour travel time; however, prices vary for smaller jobs or internal moves. Contact us for more information.

    At Jake’s Moving and Storage, we have assembled a knowledgeable team of certified movers in Dungannon, VA. Don’t hesitate to call us for unparalleled professional storage and moving services across Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Each of our local Dungannon, VA movers can execute a variety of services and can always work with you to accommodate any special needs or demands. Our rates are affordable and out in the open, so you will never get hit with a surprise fee. If you’ve got an upcoming move and require assistance with packing, unpacking, furniture (dis)assembly, junk removal, and above all, moving itself, contact Jake’s Moving and Storage right away!


    Jake’s Moving and Storage in Dungannon, Virginia – Contact Us Anytime If You’re Looking For Movers in Dungannon

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