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Don’t Stress About Decorating For Fall

We can all agree…

Decorating your home for the holidays sounds like fun in theory, but it can easily turn into a huge hassle.

Not to worry!

We’ve got all the necessary fall decorating tips you need to make your home the envy of the neighborhood without feeling like you are in the middle of a Martha Stewart themed nightmare.

Not only that

We also have the answer to all your worries when it comes to storing your fall holiday decorations. But first, let’s dive right into the top 10 fall decorating tips.

# 1. Spruce Up Your Front Door


Creating A Welcoming Entryway

The possibilities here are endless. HGTV suggests sticking to shades of green, gold and red to give your home a vibrant fall feeling. Go to your local nursery and take home some perennial plants. They will look great on your front porch, and you can bring them inside once the weather gets a bit colder.

We suggest

If it’s versatility you are looking for, you definitely want to put a rocking chair or bench out on your front porch. This will make your home feel more inviting and you can easily transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving in a few easy steps.


# 2. Fireplace Fun

The fireplace is typically a main focal point in most homes. Whether you are having a relaxing night in or entertaining guests, you’ll love how a little mantle dressing can completely transform your home.

Try this…

Don’t throw away all of those leaves you raked up. Instead, paint them in fun fall colors and dress up your fireplace. You can casually place them around your favorite family photos, or throw some in a small basket on top of your mantle.

Check out some super easy ideas to decorate your fireplace during the summer! 

# 3. Transform Your Outdoor Patio


Enjoy The Outdoors For A Little Longer

Even though summer is over and it is getting colder out, that’s no reason not to enjoy your outdoor space for a little while longer. Get some throw blankets and hot cocoa and enjoy the cool crisp autumn air.

So what are you waiting for, get some scented candles and cozy up!

# 4. Welcome Your Guests With A Wreath

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, check out all the great wreath ideas on Pinterest. Even if you’re not so creative (or don’t have the time), you still have plenty of inexpensive wreath options that you can buy.

This simple decoration will take your home from Halloween to New Years with minimal effort.

# 5. Bring The Outdoors Inside

Whether you enjoy some fall foliage as suggested in tip # 2, or you opt for a traditional cornucopia of fresh produce, bringing some of the outdoors into your home is a great way to get in the spirit of things.

You’ll be amazed how bringing a little natural green into your home will completely transform the ambiance.

# 6. Brilliant Uses For Pumpkins

Talk about an all purpose decoration! They work for all of the holidays, they come in all sizes and you can keep them outside or in.

But wait, there’s more…

First, get your pumpkins for Halloween. Make a fun jack-o-lantern and enjoy the seeds as a healthy treat. Next, decorate your pumpkins for Thanksgiving. You can paint them all sorts of fun fall colors for a perfect holiday garnish.

# 7. Make It A Family Affair


Enjoy Decorating For The Holidays As A Family

No matter what type of fall decorating tips you choose to try out, get the entire family involved. Not only will you have help transforming your home, but you will create memories and traditions that will last a lifetime.

# 8. Give Your Garage A Makeover

There are some particularly great decorating ideas for your garage door for Halloween.

In Fact, if you have room, you can even turn your entire garage into a haunted house, turning your home into the most popular stop in the neighborhood.

# 9. Get The Whole Neighborhood Involved

Similar to tip # 7, go even further and recruit your entire community.

Think about it.

You can share the workload with a whole army of decorators. Everyone can bring in their unique skill sets and split the time and costs of decorating projects.

# 10. Save All Your Fall Decorations For Nex Year

You’re probably thinking…

All of these fall decorating tips are great, but why do all this work just to throw everything away in a few weeks. It is not like you have tons of extra room to keep everything safely stored until next year right?

There is a solution!

Jake’s Moving and Storage has opened up a brand new state-of-the-art, in-house storage facility. This means that residents in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas now have a low cost and safe storage solution. Jake’s is happy to store all of your holiday decoration and even help you with the heavy lifting when it comes time to get them out again.

From all of us at Jake’s Moving and Storage… Have a wonderful Fall Holiday Season!!

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