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    Planning your big move to Rockville, Maryland? Settle in quicker by getting to know your new city beforehand. Here are 10 things you need to know about living in Rockville before you move.

    There’s an R.E.M. song that sings, “don’t go back to Rockville.” Yet, if you followed their advice, you’d be missing out on some amazing sights, people, and opportunities this Maryland-based town offers.

    A recent report in Money magazine named Rockville the best place to live in all of Maryland. And there are good reasons why they chose Rockville over cities like Baltimore.

    If you’ve been thinking of making the move to Rockville but still aren’t sure, keep reading. We’re sharing with you 10 things to know about living in Rockville MD.


    1. Living In Rockville MD Means You’re Close To Everything

    10 Things to Know About Living in Rockville MD - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Living in Rockville, Maryland means you’re right next to some major cities. While there’s plenty of fun activities in Rockville itself, if you feel the need to travel, it’s easy to do so.

    You’re close to both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Which means you’re also close to their major airports.

    That means if you like traveling, it’s easy to get away quickly. If you choose to work outside of Rockville, there are plenty of employment opportunities nearby in two major cities.

    If you find yourself bored living in Rockville, then you’re doing something wrong.

    2. There’s A Low Crime Rate

    Compared to nearby cities and even the whole of Maryland itself, Rockville has a relatively low crime rate.

    Since Rockville is located in Montgomery County, one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, it’s not a surprise that the crime rate is so low.

    If you’re planning on moving to Rockville, you’ll be happy to know that its citizens feel safe.

    3. Unemployment Rates Are Low

    Possibly one of the reasons why crime rates are so low is because unemployment rates are also low.

    The unemployment rate in Rockville is at 3.30%. Job growth stands at 1.29%

    And more employment growth is expected. Over the next 10 years, job growth is predicted to be at 39.28%.

    If you’re thinking of moving to Rockville, you’ll find that the income per capita is $49,246. This includes all adults and children.

    Meanwhile, the median income per household stands at $98,530.

    4. Everyone Can Walk To A Park

    If you’re looking for the best places to live in Rockville, you really can’t go wrong no matter which neighborhood you look in.

    That’s because there’s such a great park system located in Rockville. No matter where you live, you’re almost always within walking distance of one of their 60 parks.

    For those who love living close to nature but also enjoy living near a city, you can’t go wrong choosing Rockville as your home base.


    5. Great Schools

    10 Things to Know About Living in Rockville MD - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Those with children always wonder what it is like to live in Rockville. They want to ensure their kids get a great education.

    A recent U.S. News and World Report ranked Thomas S. Wootton High School as the third best high school in all of Maryland. It’s ranked #168 in the national rankings and #63 for STEM high schools.

    Every kid deserves a great education and in Rockville, you can guarantee they will have it.

    6. Plenty Of Restaurants

    If you’re someone who likes to have everything they need and want nearby, the best places to live in Rockville are near the Town Square shopping center.

    The Town Square shopping center boasts over 50 restaurants and shops. There are also plenty of community activities for both the young and the young at heart.

    And there are a variety of different eats you can enjoy. Whether you have a hankering for Thai, Middle Eastern, or even BBQ, you can find whatever you’re craving here in Rockville.

    7. Fun Activities

    If you’re thinking of moving to Rockville, you’ll never be bored. Even if you don’t feel like traveling to nearby cities, there’s always something fun going on here.

    For those who love exercise, the Earth Treks Climbing Center will keep you challenged and in shape.

    For those who like intellectual challenges, bring your friends and family to one of their three escape rooms.

    There’s also a nature center, spas, and the Twin Valley Distillers.

    8. There’s A Museum For Outdated Technology

    If you are nostalgic for the olden days, Rockville, MD might be the place for you to settle down.

    Located at the back of the Wagging Tails Thrift Store is the Museum for Outdated Technology.

    It’s a great place to see how far we’ve come with technology. And, if you have old technology items lying around your home, you can either sell or donate them right there.

    9. Affordable Housing For All Generations

    Affordable housing is a huge issue these days. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a Millenial or a Baby Boomer.

    One of the reasons people are moving to Rockville is because the city knows how to adapt to change. They recently repurposed an unused elementary school and turned it into a space to play for parents and grandparents.

    In fact, the Rockville Senior Center is now a popular place for the entire community to gather. They host events and activities for those 60 and over seven days a week.

    And the city planned for growth. As they see younger residents moving to start their own families, they included mixed-use properties along with a denser commercial district to appeal to every age group.

    With the city investing in affordable housing, Rockville is often more affordable than its surrounding areas.

    10. There’s A Good Transportation System

    Many younger people wonder what it’s like living in Rockville if they decide not to own a car.

    The traffic around the Beltway is horrendous and many people are choosing to lower their carbon footprint by using alternative methods of transportation.

    Rockville has three Metro stops at Rockville Station, Twinbrook Station, and Shady Grove Station.

    There is also the Maryland Transit Administration which also has three stops in Rockville.

    And you can’t discount Amtrak, the King Farm Shuttle, and the bus system. There is also free transportation that can be arranged through the city for seniors over 60 years old.

    Then there are the bike paths.

    While it’s not as convenient to travel around in Rockville as say Washington, DC, you don’t necessarily need a car to live here.

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