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    If you’re thinking about living in Maryland, you should hear about these benefits. Click here for more info!

    When people are thinking about relocating, you don’t hear too many people talk about having an interest in living in Maryland and we aren’t sure why. With over 6 million people living in the state, there has to be something worthwhile here, right?

    There absolutely is! In fact, we’ve come up with 8 reasons why it’s great to be living in Maryland.

    8 Benefits of Living in Maryland

    Maryland is the 9th smallest state in the country, coming in at 10,460 square miles, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of reasons to live here. Here are our top 8 reasons why living in Maryland is the best.


    1. 5 Very Different Regions

    8 Benefits of Living in Maryland - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Whatever you look for in a new location, you can find it in Maryland. Although this is a small state (we mentioned that already, right?), there are five different regions that give you the best of everything.

    Central Maryland: At the heart of the state is the capital, Baltimore. Baltimore is one of the most diverse cities in the state and it has a rich history. This is the perfect region if you are looking to experience a wonderful culinary scene, get lost in beautifully charming neighborhoods, and get a job at a top financial firm.

    Suburban Maryland: Right outside of Washington DC, this region is home to some of the most sought-after neighborhoods, like Rockville. Also, this area sees a lot of activity in bio-health and life sciences.

    Western Maryland: For those who enjoy living in a region where there are fewer traffic jams and the only congestion you have to worry about are geese crossing the road, then you’ll want to head out to western Maryland. Out here, you can enjoy all the hunting, fishing, biking, and camping you want.

    Eastern Maryland: In the eastern part of the state, you’ll find quaint family farms, small towns that adhere to tradition, and even fishing villages. Oh… And we can’t forget the main attraction, Ocean City.

    Southern Maryland: The southern region is known for their seafood! If there is anything Maryland is known for, it’s their crab cakes and fresh blue crabs! Of course, the aerospace and defense industries are a big deal down here too.


    2. Awesome Small Towns

    If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for small towns and Maryland is full of them! You have Oakland (which is in western Maryland) with their 54-foot tall waterfalls and Swallow Falls State Park.

    Or you have Monkton just 20 minutes outside of Baltimore. The atmosphere of Monkton is almost like you stepped back in time but in all the best ways possible!


    3. Cheaper Than DC

    One of the greatest things about living in Maryland is that you are so close to Washington DC. If you happen to work in the country’s capital, you don’t have to worry about paying the astronomical prices to live there. You can just hop on the MARC train or Amtrak if you don’t want to risk driving in the city.


    4. History

    8 Benefits of Living in Maryland - Jake's Moving and Storage

    Fun Fact: Maryland’s two largest cities, Baltimore and Annapolis, were the capital of the country at one time. Baltimore was dubbed the capital from 1776 to 1777, and Annapolis was the capital from 1783 to 1784! But of course, you probably remember that from history class.

    Speaking of which history aficionados will absolutely love living here because it has a very rich history with plenty of things to see and do around the state. You can visit the Fort McHenry fortress that was Francis Scott Key’s inspiration when he penned the Star Spangled Banner.

    Or you can experience what colonial life was like in 1634 when you visit Historic St. Mary’s City. There you can tour a working 1600’s plantation or board the Dove, a reconstructed ship that brought the first colonists to Maryland.

    There are so many historical locations in the state, we can’t really list them all!


    5. The Book Thing

    By living in Maryland, you have access to a book-lovers paradise! The Book Thing is located in Baltimore and every single book inside the store is for free.

    Yes, you read that right. Free.

    This shop has stacks and stacks of books on every subject and genre. It’s a non-profit bookstore that relies on volunteers and donations.

    So, if you’re in need of some new books and you want to get rid of some old ones, this place is where you need to go – even if you’re not living in Maryland (but you are nearby)!


    6. World Class Hospital

    All around the country, there are some incredible hospitals with great staff who are capable of performing miracles. However, if there was a Mecca for hospitals, it would probably be Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

    People all over the state will come to this hospital because they have some of the best hands in the medical field.


    7. Burial Site of Edgar Allan Poe

    Bet you didn’t know the literary genius, Edgar Allan Poe, is buried right here in Maryland, did you? Actually, he was buried here twice.

    Originally, Poe was buried in an unmarked grave in 1849, but he has since been relocated to his final resting place at 515 W. Fayette St. in Baltimore, where you can pay your respects.


    8. Growing Job Market

    If are considering moving to the state, you’ll be happy to know there is plenty of work available. The tech and trade industries, in particular, are booming, but you can also find open positions in federal agencies like the National Institute of Health or the Goddard Space Flight Center.


    Final Thoughts

    Maryland may not be at the top of many people’s list when it comes to new places to live, but as you can see, the state has a lot to offer. It doesn’t matter what your reason for relocating may be, you can bet that you will find a reason to love Maryland.

    If you are thinking about relocating, or you’re looking for a moving company to help you move your things, then hit us up for a free quote! We’d be happy to help!

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