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    Years back, when I started Jake’s Moving and Storage, I had no idea how much smartphone moving apps would assist my customers in the moving process. Now, however, we have integrated up-to-date, high-tech smartphone apps into our business routine. These moving apps can save a lot of time and frustration during the transition to or from a college campus, from your old apartment to your new home, or in any type of move. Tech-savvy students will especially appreciate this list of apps for assistance with moving off campus or moving to Washington DC for college.

    My team of highly trained, professional movers has long provided Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding areas with top-quality packing, moving, and storage services. Over the years, we have learned all of the tricks of the trade that keep your valuables safe all the way from point A to point B whether you’re moving within the same locality or you’re moving from DC to LA! We have also acquired knowledge of how certain moving apps can assist our customers in making a smooth transition.

    Moving List and Moving Planner

    The iPhone App known as “Moving List” starts you off with a 95-item to-do list, which you can add to or subtract from. The Android App called “Moving Planner” gives you a much more thorough, 210-item list to work with. Whichever app you use, you can check off the tasks as you complete them. These simple apps can do wonders to help you organize the transition between your old life and your new life. My professional movers can carefully pack, load, and unload your possessions while apps like these keep you on top of all your personal tasks.

    My Move

    “My Move”, which works on both iPhones and Androids, helps you to review moving companies’ expertise for both residential moves and commercial moves from MD, DC, and VA. It will inform you, for example, that Jake’s Moving and Storage is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. My Move can also assist you in calculating what size moving truck you will need, and you can even use it to get a free quote from my company. Another great feature of this app is that it allows you to make labels and barcodes for all of your boxes. This will help immensely in quickly re-organizing at your new location after we gently unload your boxes from the truck.

    Moving Van

    We can provide you with an actual moving van, but the app “Moving Van” lets you use your iPhone to take snapshots of your box contents and then “photo-catalog” all of your possessions. You will not have to worry about forgetting what items you put in each box.

    Other Helpful Apps

    The list of available apps may be near-endless, so I will only mention a few more. “Moving Day” is an iPhone app that functions much the same as My Move, and “Move Atlas” lets you allocate funds for your moving budget. “Karl’s Mortgage Calculator” for Android and “Mortgage Calculator” for iPhone help you calculate all the expenses associated with a new home purchase and will help you figure out your monthly payments. “DocuSign Ink” allows you to sign documents via your smartphone, saving you a lot of time and hassle while maintaining a high degree of security.

    Our movers can assist you with your student moving or other moving needs on a round-the-clock basis. We are up to speed on the use of apps in the modern moving scene, and yet we still cling to the traditional pillars of any successful moving business: a great team of skilled packers and movers, fast and friendly customer service, and reasonable, upfront prices. Our professional moving company serves Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Don’t hesitate to contact us by smartphone or by any other means for assistance with all of your moving-related needs.

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