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    Here at Jake’s Moving and Storage we take pride in providing you not only with the best service but tips for making your transition to a new location smooth and worry free. From bringing luck into your home, to spring cleaning ideas we’ve got you covered! Jake’s Moving and Storage promises to be there for you on the day of with our helpful staff and below we’ve come up with a few ideas how you can be there for us in return.

    Be there when you move

    This may seem  like an obvious statement, but you need to be present when your movers arrive.  Being the first face to welcome them can make sure your move will go as smooth as possible and help you feel comfortable in their capabilities. If you’re not able to be present, assign a trusted and informed friend or relative to stand in for you and familiarize your movers with the area. Jake’s Moving and Storage recommends creating an inventory list of your belongings yourself in addition to the one the moving company will provide. This will help you keep track of all your items as well as their condition before the one that will be issued which you are required to sign to protect against loss or damage is given. Have a child moving into a dorm room and can’t be present? No fear, Jake’s Moving and Storage regularly provides a student moving service and understands the process, arranging for a parking pass on campus and access to dormitories in advance can streamline the whole moving process.

    Have a floor plan

    You know what will save you time and eliminate any confusion on moving day? Drawing a floor plan of your new home before you move and having it on hand. Draw in and number your furnishings roughly in the way you want them to be arranged in each room to assist your movers when they place the furniture. Label the furniture pieces to correspond with the numbers on the floor plan to eliminate confusion on the busy day. Jake’s Moving and Storage has years of experience with local and long distance moves and we understand how to get the most out of you moving experience. Heavy furniture moving can be a burden to move but we’ve got it down! Our skilled and conscious movers always make sure your things arrive to your new home in the same condition you sent them and in a timely manner.  We are happy to set up and assemble furniture as well in your new home and offer a furniture assembly and dis-assembly service just for you.

    Make sure everything flows

    Scout out your neighborhood for nearby, convenient parking or make sure to clear your driveway or front curb to make way for the moving van to park. Jake’s Moving and Storage has a range of vehicles to transport your possessions and we provide both intercity and long distance moving vans.  As close as your movers can get is best for ensuring no damages are incurred in the process.If you live in a building with an elevator make sure your elevator is in working order and stairs are available as well. Flow of traffic in and out of your property is key for a stress-less move.  Notify your landlord beforehand if necessary that movers will need access to the area the day before.

    No little ones allowed

    Small children and pets can slow down your move and sometimes present a problem for movers. If possible arrange in advance to have children at a neighbor’s house or with a relative so your movers can come in and get everything done in the most efficient manner. Having your animals safely locked up or in another room keeps them out of harm’s way and will provide you with peace of mind day of.

    Provide for your movers

    Keep your movers happy and the whole process is sure to run smoother. Having healthy snacks on hand, cold beverages and a friendly attitude makes your movers feel appreciated and happy to help! Jake’s Moving and Storage only hires the best of the best and our testimonials from past customers prove that. We appreciate your cooperation on the day of your move and will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

    Jake’s Moving and Storage is happy to be your first and only choice for Moving in the DC area and offers the best prices and service you can hope for. Take a look at our moving tips section to find out how to pack efficiently and green to make your move even easier!


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