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    Picking a moving company you can trust is always tough. But we’re here to help. Here’s what to look for when hiring DC movers.

    If you run a small business or handle the affairs of a large company, you might consider the daunting task of relocating your whole operation at some point. If this crosses your mind and you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, you’re going to need to hire the right D.C. movers for the job. Finding the right company is a challenge but there are some basic things to look for in any moving company.

    Check out these four tips for what you should be looking out for.

    1. Do They Offer Insurance?

    One of the things that you absolutely need when you’re hiring movers in D.C. is for them to be insured. Hiring movers who don’t have insurance is like asking for a headache. Ask about insurance before you do anything else with a potential moving company.

    Any reputable moving company that wants to work with you is going to show you their insurance certificate immediately. If they don’t allow you to see it or try to change the subject, your antennae should go up.

    Your moving company should insure their trucks as well as their movers. If anyone is hurt while working on the job, they shouldn’t be suing you because their injuries should be covered by the employer. Ask and make sure the vehicles are insured so that if any fender benders happen while they’re moving with your items, you’re covered.

    Insurance should cover not only the tools and equipment owned by the moving company but your things as well. They need to have liability coverage that covers both of you and replaces any items of yours that get broken during moving. It’s not your fault if the drivers don’t handle your fragile items with care.

    2. Flat Rate or By The Mile

    You need to ask that your moving company has transparent rates. There should be no hidden fees and what they quote you should be what you pay. If they add on an additional $100 here or $100 there, you don’t have to pay it unless you were informed upfront.

    Many movers inside of a city like D.C. are going to have a flat rate. Even if you’re just moving a mile, they’ll charge you the same fee as if you’d moved 10 miles. It’s the hauling up and downstairs and then into the truck that takes time and risks the employees.

    If you’re moving across the country, you may need to hire a by-the-mile solution. While this can get costly pretty fast, there are a variety of charges a potential moving company could levy at you. Knowing how far you’re moving should give you a rough idea of how much it’ll cost.

    Even if you’ve found a company you want to work with, you should still shop around. If you find a cheaper price at another moving company, the one you like may be willing to give you a discount. Finding movers you trust is hard so work to compromise with them if they can’t drop the price.

    3. Will They Pack?

    Having someone to pack up all of your things can be a serious lifesaver. While it’s not common for people to want to leave all of their things in the hands of the moving company, they don’t cut corners. They know how much of a hassle it is to break things owned by their clients so they take extra precautions to take care of things.

    If you can find a moving company to pack your things for you, you might have to make an inventory. If you have large items like appliances and office furniture, let them know about any quirks that things might have. Take off loose knobs, handles, or any attachments that you can.

    You’re better off removing things now than trying to track things down once everything has been moved.

    If you can’t find a moving company to pack up for you, you could always hire people online or via TaskRabbit. While you should leave it up to the professionals, desperate times call for desperate measures. Make sure you invest in lots of bubble wrap, plastic roll on sheeting, and plenty of cushioning for boxes.

    Every box should be labeled by whoever packs it to make unpacking easier. When you’re moving a large company, this is vital to get back up and running as fast as people.

    4. Check For Recommendations

    Ask around among your friends and colleagues when you’re looking for a moving company you can trust. While online searches are going to let you know about the biggest companies, there are plenty of small service providers to help you. Online searches are good for getting the ball rolling but aren’t the only place to check.

    Read reviews online to see what other people are saying about this moving company. Look for things that are important for you, whether it’s safety, speed, or handling fragile items. There’s sure to be a review covering everything that matters to you.

    Online reviews let you know what other people’s experiences are with these companies and whether you can trust them.

    There are plenty of companies that don’t have a robust web presence that offers high-quality service. Asking around to colleagues can clue you into these companies. Perhaps the first thing you can do once you’re all moved in is to leave them a glowing review.

    Finding D.C. Movers is a Challenge

    There are so many companies to wade through when you’re looking for the right D.C. movers for your operation. However, once you find the right one, they’re going to make the whole process a breeze for you.

    If you’re searching for the perfect new office space now, check out our guide for tips.

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